Yuli Fershtat at Isis Garden Festival

Great Psytech from Yuli Fershtat aka Perfect Stranger.


  1. Electrypnose – Un Peu De Ciel Bleu (Stereo Underground Remix) [Digital Structures]
  2. Maxi Basshead – Games (Doppel Spice Rub) [Stone Seed]
  3. Kase Kochen – Monstera (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Stone Seed]
  4. Yuli Fershtat, Psyvona – On Hold (Sandokan 2021 re-visit) [Digital Structures]
  5. Electrypnose – The Sun Winking At The Moon [Digital Structures]
  6. Perfect Stranger – Free Cloud (Miles From Mars Remix) [Digital Structures]
  7. Spintribe – Biocycle (Binome Remix) [Digital Structrures]
  8. Captain Hook, Gula K – Consciousness (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Iboga Records]
  9. Gabriel Morael – Aria [Digital Structures]
  10. Spintribe – Heliotrope [Digital Structures]
  11. Luis M – Yaguar (Peter Groskreutz Remix) [Digital Structures]
  12. Yuli Fershtat, EEEMUS – NN Part 2 [Digital Structures]
  13. Miles From Mars – Uprising [Digital Structures]
  14. Miles From Mars – Free Your Mind (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Digital Structures]
  15. LOUD – Engines On (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Digital Structures]
  16. Yuli Fershtat, Gabi 2B – Converted [Digital Structures]
  17. Freedom Fighters – Era (Miles From Mars Remix) [Digital Structures]
  18. Amok Laufer – Occulte [Digital Structures]
  19. Yuli Fershtat, Monoxcide – Falling Up [Digital Structures]
  20. South Punk – Medusa [Digital Structures]
  21. Desert Dwellers – Longing for Home (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Dreaming Awake]
  22. Diamandy – Hope [Digital Structures]
  23. James Monro – Spark (Diamandy Remix) [Digital Structures]
  24. South Punk – Mind Control [Digital Structures]
  25. Miles From Mars – Civilizations [Digital Structures]
  26. Electrypnose – More Than I Give Them [Digital Structures]
  27. Perfect Stranger – A Mosquito Bit My Leg (Electrypnose Remix) [Digital Structures]
  28. Matter – Clouds [Turbo Recordings]
  29. Tesla – Inferno
  30. Eitan Reiter – Smile (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [ Digital Structures]
  31. Oxia – Domino [Kompakt]

More Yuli Fershtat :

Yuli Fershtat Sounds: http://soundcloud.com/yuli-fershtat
Yuli Fershtat FB: http://www.facebook.com/fershtatyuli
Yuli Fershtat videos: http://www.youtube.com/YuliFuhsi
Yuli Fershtat tweets: https://twitter.com/PerfectBLT
Yuli Fershtat BeatPort: http://www.beatport.com/artist/yuli-f…

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