WhoMadeWho live at Næstved, Denmark

A beautiful live set from WhoMadeWho with great visuals and stunning music.
This live show was considered a special experience for the band – One of the members, Barfod, grew up in this beautiful place. The video shoot was a massive challenge for WhoMadeWho and their crew. The first space got cancelled, meaning then they had no location to record at, so Tomas asked his family if they could use their field.

The crew had underestimated the size of the SKUM. It was huge, at half a ton and 20 meters long the massive structure was extremely difficult to erect. Then, an hour before filming it started to rain… With special thanks to their family, friends, and a tough crew, the shoot was completed and the results are spectacular, showing off a wonderful Danish sunset in a beautiful place.

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