Tundra on Patronus Podcast

Hard and fast psychedelic ๐Ÿ™‚



Sense Datum, Dezzert – The Forgettery – SquareLab Music
Oyaji – Ghost Journey – Patronus Records
TerraHertz – Prestidigitation – Patronus Records
Andromed – Hysteria – Woo-Dog Records
Mental Bugs vs Ents – The 3 Caballeros – Predator Records
Oyaji – Sluppy Tentacle – Patronus Records
Synthetik Chaos, Gandhabba – Casual Healings – Timecode/Sangoma
Zz Bing – Moth Womba – Protoned Music
Dezzert – Keep Moving Forward – SquareLab Music
Synthetik Chaos, Sense Datum – Alien Babes – Digital Distortion Records
Creepy Deep, Spirit Shifter, Zorggi – It’s Gonna Be Alright – Psynon Records
Animalien – Garden Of Weeden – Timecode/Sangoma
Drip Drop – Eternal Dancer – Harmonia Records
Endeavour – Astral Freaks – Blacklite Records
Diksha, As a Child – Para Mystica – Paramystical Records
Offlabel – This Or That? – Blacklite Records

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