Tale Of Us at Awakenings

Tale Of Us have been at the forefront of the Melodic Techno revolution that has happened in the last few years. The music that they write and play has brought new vibes into the electronic scene. It is fresh, vibrant and extremely danceable. Great melodies, interesting rhythms, lovely vocal pieces, great visuals at their shows and excellent production skills have all helped to lift them into top of the game.

This set was recorded at the Amsterdam Dance Event, or ADE, at the massive Gashouder club. The lighting and production at the show is incredible and the vibe is tangible. The massive Afterlife figurine hanging upside down over the crowd has become a symbol of their label and logo, branding their shows and creating and holding the space.


1 [00:03] ID by Innellea
2 [04:00] ID by ID
3 [09:00] ID by Angelov
4 [13:33] Melt by Woo York
5 [17:18] ID by ID
6 [23:00] ID by ID
7 [27:57] ID by Colyn
8 [38:02] ID by Innellea
9 [44:02] ID by ID
10 [49:59] ID by Massano
11 [55:59] Prometheus by Avidus
12 [60:03] Walking by Anyma
13 [65:01] ID by SOEL & Rinzen
14 [69:57] Under Dark (Innellea Remix) by Monolink
15 [78:00] ID by Citizen Kain
16 [85:57] Panic Attack by Echonomist & Jenia Tarsol
17 [90:02] ID by ID
18 [95:00] ID by ID
19 [98:03] Dune by Early Tepshi
20 [103:02] ID by Coeus
21 [107:31] ID by Binaryh
22 [111:27] ID by ID
23 [114:57] ID by ID
24 [120:00] ID by ID
25 [125:01] ID by ID
26 [131:01] ID by Toto Chiavetta
27 [134:01] ID by ID
28 [139:01] Charly Charly by Citizen Kain
29 [145:03] Oxygen by Colyn
30 [150:03] Shiver (8Kays Remix) by Sasha Carassi ft. Davide Famularo
31 [155:00] Boavista (Innellea Remix) by Stephan Bodzin
32 [160:02] ID by ID
33 [162:06] Running by Anyma
34 [167:48] Time by Tale Of Us & Pete Tong ft. Jules Buckley

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