Chris Palmer Earthdance Zenon set

People were quite chilled on Monday afternoon at Earthdance, after a long weekend of hard dancing. The music was excellent. I played some good Zenonesque style Dark Prog, enough to get people on their feet dancing but not to heavy to tire them out again.

Was loads of fun. The Zenon style of music is growing from strength to strength around the world, now being featured at most Psy festivals around the world. I see Sensient, head of the label, will be at Organik in Cape Town in October. There are a few tracks and remixes from him in this mix, I hope you really enjoy it to the max.

Earthdance is the biggest charity dance event in the world. Hundreds of parties around the world raise money for people in need and DJ’s donate their time and resources to giving back to those that are less fortunate. Thank you to all of the people that attended, your support provides help for many.

HypoGeo (Zenon) at Son Libre Festival France

HypoGeo is “Anything that originates, grows and evolves beneath the earth”.

The description perfectly fits the music: deep, obscure, hypnotic, mental, filthy and psychedelic. 

It takes shades through the producer’s musical background: orchestrated by extreme metal, industrial & EBM, New Wave, Noise, techno, IDM & dark ambient. 

May 2012 marked the inception of HypoGeo’s introduction to the wider world of music. The first full-length album “Tree of Lies” was released on Zenon records – the infamous Australian psychedelic label. 
The album was a huge success for the particularly aggressive and heavy sound, building the bridge between the deepest of psychedelic trance textures, some call it “forest” and the ultimate “Zenonesque” sound. 
No matter what the title, the awe of experiencing a live Hypo-performance is second to none, anywhere around the globe. 

Currently, HypoGeo is working on the long awaited 2nd studio album; an epitome of creativity, abstract sonic landscapes, and undeniably intricate composition.

Small Talk Series Vol​.​14 Zenon

Zenon Records

Zenon Records was founded in 2003 by Sensient. The Zenon sound can be described as “deep and intelligent minimal/electronica with strong lashings of musicality and futuristic sound design”. The sound is distinct and has infiltrated the electronic dance music scene worldwide, with our artists representing on some of the biggest stages in the world. With its massive roster of talented artists and Djs from around the world, the Zenon collective will continue to grow and inspire each other to take it to the next level.

Sourone Temple Movement Mix

Sourone (Michal Kalinowski) is a one person musical project focused on widely understood electronic music . His fascination with electronic music took from a young age, but he started production in 2005. Since then, he’s in love with sequences ,envelopes and automations. His work is characterized by two poles. The first revolves around a progressive minimal and tech trance, which seeks to draw from the various, sometimes very different forms like dubstep, electro, and even amen d’n’b . Very easy to notice his fascination with glitch. In this matter Sourone had an honor to release on compilations on some bigger labels. The second pole of his music is melodic, broken electronics – idm, minimal dnb. from this side u can feel his distinctive flow, but the form itself is different from the opposite pole. “evil” factor and the dark harmony is replaced by the light side. The two poles are inspired by each other, and sometimes penetrating through synergy, new ideas and new sounds. Also as Enoruos – his side project – he is creating abstract and melodic experimental .
Sourone launched his live act in 2008 when he played his first live performance. Since then he had opportunity to appear on lotsa line ups.

Elysium Festival over Easter

OneLove productions is proud to present to you our pre Elsyium 2019 movie… We are super blessed to be able to host Kliment and Once Upon a Time on his first trip to South Africa.. Our lineup of music and activities, combined with the most beautiful surrounding imaginable will ensure you have a life changing experience..

Posted by OneLove Productions on Monday, 11 March 2019

OneLove productions is proud to present to you our pre Elsyium 2019 movie… We are super blessed to be able to host Kliment and Once Upon a Time on his first trip to South Africa.. Our lineup of music and activities, combined with the most beautiful surrounding imaginable will ensure you have a life changing experience..


With a brand new year comes our second edition of Elysium. Ready yourself for a trip down the rabbit hole into a world of art, music, crafts and culture like no other. OneLove Productions holds this event and magical place very dear to our hearts, and we invite you to come and share in the magic of this wonderland with us.

The word Elysium has many meanings. Majority of them all depicting a vision of paradise and Beauty. It could also mean a place where certain heroes depicted by the gods, would go in the afterlife.
Elysium festival is no different. Nestled in the iron hills of the Mkomazi valley, Hella Hella truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Situated right on the banks of the Mkomazi river, Hella Hella has so much to offer the people that go there. From trail walks, hikes, fishing and canoeing. Activities are endless in the area.
This is why we have chosen this majestic place to gather and bring to you, what is sure to be one of the best electronic music, arts and crafts experiences of your lives.
OneLove productions soul function and purpose is to bring you the best electronic acts from around the country, and to do it in a safe, beautiful and like-minded environment. All that is left for you the festival goer to do, is arrive, pitch a tent and party your little socks off.

❤️OneLove ALT FLOOR❤️

Perched in amongst the trees, the OneLove ALT floor will be host to a variety of different genres of electronic music and top acts from around the country. Due to popular demand we will incorporate a little night of Drum & Bass into the mix. The decor will be taken care of by Onelove, out of our personal inventory of decor.

❤️OneLove MAIN FLOOR❤️

Nestled right along side the Mkomazi river, the OneLove Psyfloor will play host to some of SA’s top producers and artists, and for the first time host our very first international artist Kliment from Zenon Records as well his alias @Once Upon A Time. Decor will be taken care of by Atmosphere Decor, and this year you are guaranteed to be wowed with the plans we have in the pipeline.

So without further ado, OneLove productions would like to present to you our lineup for Elysium Festival 2019



Kliment ( Zenon Records ) – BULGARIA
Once Upon a Time (Blue Hour Sounds/Forestdelic records) BUL
KILLER B ( Looneymoon Records / Our Minds ) – GR
KAbi ( Zenon Records / OurMinds Records ) – GR
Sonicdruid ( Zenon Records / OurMinds Records ) – GR
Tersius Kabi ( OurMinds Records ) – GR
Psydewise ( Purple Hexagon Records / OurMinds Records )- GR
Tystix (OurMinds Records / Tecnhophobia Records)
DAN SCOT ( Nexus Media ) CT
Plastic Vision ( Kaos Krew Records ) – CT
DeFuse – CT
Boogy Monsta ( Departure Lounge ) – JHB
TerraMoon ( Kaos Krew Records ) – CT
Manifesto ( Mansion Records ) – JHB
Chris Palmer ( Mansion Records / Teknotribe ) – JHB
STEREO FICTION ( Amoeba Records ) – GR
SEBOTAGE ( Teknotribe ) – JHB
Jahmanji psy ( Mansion Records ) – JHB
Mantra ( Mansion Records ) – JHB
Void – JHB
Dub’Defect & Nia BlaQ( Koots & Noisy Nose Record)
Solara – Uroboros Records – JHB
Up Rize – GR
Stefan De Beer – Psyclical – JHB
Senjo – Teknotribe – JHB
Carbon8 – CT
Psy.Min.Tech – JHB
Shadow Shaman – JHB
Gonzo – DJ – X7m Records – CT
Pangea – Technophobia Records & Mindspring Music


Team BadAss
Chemikult – Amadeadly ( Amadeadly Productions )
Lee Human ( Psyforia Project )
Dannyboy / Swag Monster ( OneLove Productions )
Hunta ( Darker Dimensions )
Savage koala / nic best ( OneLove Productions )
Dripson ( OneLove Productions )
SWAG MONSTER ( OneLove Productions )
Dj Budhu ( OneLove Productions )
LIGHT CHANGES ( OneLove productions )
Daunya ( OneLove Productions )
Doisenbra/Dassie ( OneLove productions )

More TBA !!


Details :

Email :

Tel : 0721371725 : Roslynn

If you experience any difficulties contacting the venue, please do not hesitate to contact OneLove Productions on 0608204519 or email us at


From Durban take the N3 towards Pietermaritzburg. BEFORE entering Pietermaritzburg, take the R603 (Umlaas Road/Richmond exit), and as you come off the exit, turn right onto the R603 towards Richmond – 29kms away. After about 5kms, there is a fork in the road, keep left towards Richmond – this is the R56. Take the turn-off into Richmond (NOT the first sign that says Richmond Hospital). Drive directly through Richmond along Shepstone Street, and 1km out of town take the left hand turn to Hella Hella. Continue on tar for 15km and then wind down into the valley on an excellent gravel road. After 22kms, you will see the entrance to the Hella Hella Adventure Centre Our gate on your left (approx 500m before the Mkomazi River). If you get to the river, you have gone too far !!

Hella Hella Adventure Centre can also be reached by following the Hella Hella signs on the Ixopo / Donnybrook road (612). At Lufafa Road, take the right hand turnoff which is the D114 to Hella Hella. Continue all the way towards Hella Hella, following the road down the pass. Traveling from this direction, the Reception is approx 500m after you’ve crossed the Mkomazi River, first entrance on the right.

From Joburg / Pietermaritzburg, take the N3 toward Durban. Take the R603 ( Umlaas / Richmond road exit ) and take the R603 Richmond exit. From there you follow the directions as per above from Durban. As you are now on the same road.

GPS co-ordinates: S29 54.396 E30 05.885


Phase 1 Early Bird: R 300 (15th February)

Phase 2: R 350 (15th Feb -15th March)

Phase 3: R400 (15th March – 17th April)

Gate Prices are R500

Saturday Pass: R300 ( To be purchased at the gate )


Sunday Funday Passes : R200 (To be purchased at the gate)
gates open from 7am

Ticket sales are capped for their respective phases, so prices will increase once that cap is reached. So get your tickets fast..

NB: Any problems booking tickets ?
Please do not hesitate to contact OneLove Productions on


Elysium Festival ticket includes camping for the 19th, 20th, 21st April. Please note that the campsites do not have power points.
In the event you don’t have a tent, not to worry Hella Hella have additional accommodation available (to be booked directly with Hella Hella Adventure Centre) at an extra cost.

The venue offers dorm accommodation with hot showers and toilets (which are available to the public).
Private cottages and rooms are also available on the property
(once again to be booked and confirmed directly with Hella Hella adventure centre)

NB: The local tap water is NOT suitable for drinking, so please bring lots of your own drinking water.
There will however be bottled water being sold at the festival.

NB: Majority of the camping is on an open field. Trees and shade are scarce, so please do try to bring a means of covering your tent area. Obviously there are some trees and shaded area around. You have to be there first to grab them.

NB: Please note that camping is included in the price, and will include the Sunday night if you wish…
Check out has to be Monday morning.

NB: Gates will open as of 7am Friday morning 19/04/2019

NB: The Tech floor will open at 1pm, and the Trance floor at 12 noon.

Any persons wishing to check in the day before, are more than welcome to do so…. Naturally there will be crew on site finishing set up. However that extra nights accommodation, will be at an additional cost. This cost once again must be sorted out directly with the venue.


Shaded dance-floors ( with some areas being waterproof ), lush camping, chill zone, swimming, food stalls, bar, medical facilities, strong and friendly security, craft & clothing market, clean toilets and showers, fishing, hiking, canoeing and zip-line.


General Enquiries to be forwarded to

❤️STRICTLY NO OPEN FIRES❤️ ( gas cookers allowed )


Glass bottles (this will be enforced), under 18’s (ID on request), fires, domestic animals, independent sound systems, illegal substances or bad attitudes

The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles, and belongings. This applies even to negligence by the organisers of any kind. Entry is entirely at your own risk. Right of admission is reserved.


Fabio Leal at Boom Festival

Fabio was the first brazilian invited to join the artist cast of australian label Zenon Records. He had been supporting and promoting the Zenon style of progressive for some time already, so the invitation helped him further advance the label in his country.

His dj set is composed of fresh unreleased material as well as released gems from the present and past, played with an impeccable mixing technique over an interesting equipment setup. Fabio believes that combining the creative potential of digital technologies with the richness of analog circuits allows him to go deeper into his own interpretation of Zenon Records, blending elements from other styles of music, such as the hypnotic drum patterns of techno.

This peculiar way of playing led him to be recognized all over Brazil and get bookings for many relevant open air parties and festivals. He has also been touring internationally, having been invited to play at some of the most respected gatherings such as Boom Festival (PT), Freqs of Nature (GER), Lost Theory (ES), Tree of Life (TK), Rainbow Serpent Festival (AU), Earth Frequency (AU), Universo Paralello (BR), S.U.N. Festival (HU) and more.

Fabio also released a compilation on Zenon Records called “A Push Forward” featuring tracks from Ryanosaurus, Hefty, Florian MSK & Kliment, Electrypnose, Sensient, Hellquist, Hypogeo, Quantic Devices and Kromagon, some of his favorites artists in the label.

@nt at Vortex Open Source

@nt is the promoter behind Earthdance Port Elizabeth, the capital of the Eastern Cape, on the East Coast of South Africa. This mix is made up of Zenon sounds, mixing up some dark prog with the extremely psychedelic. This mix was played live at Vortex Open Source, one of the foremost and most intelligent Psychedelic Trance festivals in the world.