Kiki Solvej in the Bahamas

An afterhour Rave session in the Bahamas, with some stonking Techno and Tech Trance.


00:00 Kiki Solvej – Deutsches Rave Mädchen
04:00 Mark Dekoda – Illusion
06:30 Ascendant Vierge – Influenceur
10:50 Eli Brown – Believe
14:34 Red Scan – Unstable Mind
18:00 Kiki Solvej – Heute Nacht
22:00 Thomas P. Heckmann – Tanzmaschine
26:10 ID – ID
29:22 Joyhauser – Knaldrang
33:33 Radio Slave – Don’t Stop No Sleep (Marco Faraone Remix)
38:13 ID – ID
42:50 Alpha Tracks – Elektra
45:40 Narciss – Blicke
53:15 Nostrum – Brilliant(Hard Trance Version)
58:30 Matrakk – My Drums Hard
1:02:12 Tiësto – Shandar
1:04:20 Nostrum – Polaris

I Laaik To Play Raiff Music Too

The insert on Discovery channel went: ” I’m not a raaiffer but I laaik to play raaiff music.” Our second installment promises to throw you back into your rave days, albeit bulging out of your rave gear. So put on your slinkiest lumo pieces, stock up on your tiger balm, find those Buffalo’s and join us for the funnest way to spend a Thursday evening (Friday is a public holiday). Free drinks for the best dressed.

Tickets: Whatsapp 0824581635 to buy your ticket


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{{{ Stefan De Beer }}}
{{{ Gareth Stephenson }}}
{{{ Brett Upton }}}
{{{ Steve Clarke }}}

Early bird R40
Normal R60
Door R100

This is a vinyl party, we’ll be pulling out all our best records to make your evening unforgettable. Tunes include most of your favourites from our excellent Rave days. DJ’s will be fighting over who gets to play what, and then negotiating, and then fighting some more…

Make sure you don’t miss this incredible journey into your bright and lumo past. Sanity will definitely not prevail.