Black Noise Sangoma Records Series EP78 Radiozora

The Sangoma Records stories continue with this live set named “Twisting the Dragon’s Tail”. Black Noise, Kostas Angelopoulos aka Xtatic Shiva, is a psychedelic producer from Athens, Greece.

Black Noise is his project that explores the mysteries of the universe by transforming colors, feelings, memories, scents and sounds into psychedelic trance with rhythmic bursts of energy.

This set is made up of unreleased, recently released and relevant tracks that Kostas selected and mixed in his studio.

Tracklist :

  1. Black Noise – Khush Hua (Nordic Aliens Music)
  2. Black Noise – Let it happen (soon on Nordic Aliens Music)
  3. Black Noise – Ruby blue (Nordic Aliens Music)
  4. Black Noise – Risk it for the biscuit (soon on Sangoma Records)
  5. Black Noise – Distress signal (Sangoma Records)
  6. Black Noise & Neuromotor – Never surrender (soon on Sangoma Records)
  7. Black Noise – That’s us (Sangoma Records)
  8. Black Noise & Daksinamurti – Cloud your vision (soon on Sangoma Records)
  9. Black Noise & Daksinamurti – Wildebeest (soon on Sangoma Records)
  10. Black Noise & Kri Samadhi – Lower state of consciousness (Sangoma Records)

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I don’t own the recordings or copyright in this set, so all moneys and kudos should go to Black Noise and Radiozora

Blackliters Radio #036 “ADRENALINE RUSH”

Adrenaline Rush with a great one-hour mix of his latest releases and other fresh tracks from Blacklite Records.

Adrenaline Rush is the psytrance project of Fabio Santos began in 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal. During Goa Season 2015 he managed to play in some cool locations and this led him into big musical growth.

Besides DJ-ing, his passion for music has encouraged him to produce. Being on stage with the energy of the dancefloor has helped him to grow fast and he has been writing loads of fresh twilight tracks.


1 – Neuromotor & Ajja – Code Two – 00:00
2 – Spatial Plants – Hypnotherapy – 04:51
3 – Formants & Stereoxide – MilfShake – 08:31
4 – Ghandabba – State del Art ( Adrenaline Rush remix) – 12:25
5 – Endeavour & Synkronic – Panic Attack – 16:44
6 – Gigi & Creepy Deep – Creepy Gig – 22:21
7 – Endeavour & Kabayun – Ultraviolet (Rugrats Remix) – 27:07
8 – Mergel & Spatial Plants – Thanatonauts ( Originial Mix) – 32:57
9 – Stereoxide & Nukleall – Earth’s Dna – 37:29
10 – Endeavour & Render – Uncensored – 42:54
11 – Gigi & Nukleall – Naughty Shanti – 47:52
12 – Adrenaline Rush – Style Wars – 54:34

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Squeege at Hex Festival

Some great Forest Psy from Squeege, played at the recent Hex Festival, KZN, South Africa. Dark and atmospheric, with lots of energy and good vibes. Includes tracks by Fugitive Factor & Sitarsonic, Atezu, Chris Rich & Parasense, Weirdos, Antithesis and more.

Mental Broadcast at Adhana Festival

Top quality Psytrance at Adhana Festival from Mental Broadcast.

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Hex Festival by Darker Dimensions

Dannyboy playing at Hexfest

Hex Festival, held in GibaLand, a gorge near Durban in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, was fabulous. Great Psychedelic music, great crowd, decor, visuals and excellent sound made for an outstanding event.

Digital Dream playing his set

The KZN Psy crowd is friendly and fun to party with. The Darker Dimensions crew have assembled some great DJ’s that play really good music.

GibaLand is in a lovely forest. It was heavily affected by the recent floods in KZN, with the bridge to the venue washed away by the river. Luckily they were able to fix the problem before the event.

Key to Insaniity playing his live set

If you have never been to a party in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, make the time for it. I have never been disappointed.

Here are some more clips to check out:

Killawatt at Organik Love Project

Killawatt playing some dark and psychedelic Forest Psy at Organik Love Project, at a beautiful venue in the mountains, called Kromrivier Farm, near Greyton.

Organik Love Project

Organik Love Project this weekend was a great event. Set on Kromrivier Farm in the Cape of South Africa, the venue was beautiful. Surrounded by mountains, a river and forest, it was the perfect getaway. A great lineup of some of Cape Town’s best DJ’s as well as Sonic Species, the music was fresh and the dancefloor was packed.

The stage design was a collaboration between Carin Dickson and Christopher Dowding, with 3D tendrils filled with LEDS, beautiful stretch decor and shaped into a big heart.

Stage setup being done

The music was top class. My favourite set came from Bernz on the Friday night, 10.30pm to 12.30am. Great Psychedelic Trance, and the crowd was jumping!

DJ Bernz playing great Psy on Friday night

The festival was opened by Sonic Druid, playing some laid back Zenon style grooves. It’s been a while since I saw him play and he did a great job of bringing the crowd onto the dancefloor.

Sonic Druid starting off the festival

Cape Town collective “Our Minds” had a strong showing at the festival, with one of the head guys, Abra playing some good Dark Psy.

Abra playing some good Dark Psy

There was some rain on Saturday, but that didn’t seem to bother the crowd at all. The dancefloor stayed full and people just kept dancing. Some dancefloors just disappear when the rain and cold comes, Cape Town seem to have developed thick skins! Silo played a great set and held the crowd, dancing all the way.

Silo packing the crowd in the rain

The Sunday was warm and sunny and people had a lovely Sunday Funday. Headroom always seems to be the most popular DJ in Cape Town, rocking the crowd with his signature sound. Lots of hoola hoops, jugglers and flow artists were out and about, showing off their skills.

Headroom rocking out

Great production and teamwork from the crew. They were on the ball and I didn’t see any incidents that they couldn’t handle with ease. Special thanks to Warren and Bianca for their hospitality and making sure everything ran smoothly throughout.

We launched our new brand at Love Project, and are looking forward to seeing it grow.

Psymetry stall with T-shirts and Hats