The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name Of The Wind

This book is set up as a trilogy of novels, this being the first in the series The Kingkiller Chronicles by the United States author, Patrick Rothfuss. It was first published in March 2007, though I had not heard of it until a few months ago. Only the first 2 books in the trilogy have been released so far, the second is called “The Wise Man’s Fear”. We’re all waiting anxiously for the third book to be released! If it is anything like the first two books, it will be a riveting read. I tore through the first two, hardly able to put them down.

The story is told by the hero, Kvothe, as he travels with his family of theater players, from town to town and entertaining people, lovingly cared for by his mom and dad. Later, there are harrowing accounts of his life as a young boy in the city as he fights for survival on the mean streets, then manages to get himself into the best school of magic in the world. The story is beautiful and takes you into the world of magic, seeming as if it is the most natural thing in the world.

A scribe, known as the chronicler, comes to an inn, looking for the famous magician, and figures out that the inn owner, known as Kote, is the wizard he is looking for. He starts to write down Kvothe’s story, from being a young lad of eleven, all the way through to his university days at the Magic School. His family runs into trouble from some evil villains, known as the Chandrian. This leads to him being left to fend for himself on the streets of a very harsh crime-filled city called Tarbean.

The tales of himself in these harsh streets are extremely tough to digest, as the violence is very graphic. He manages to save enough to get himself into the University, to start his training in the art of magic. He has dreamed of joining the university since he was a young child, having been taught some basics by a traveler that had joined their troupe of players. He had also become an accomplished musician as a child and his musical talent is superb.

The story then follows his tuition and the trouble he manages to cause himself. He struggles without money for many years, but is extremely talented and is always finding himself in interesting circumstances. Patrick Rothfuss is an amazing writer and this has been one of my favorite fantasy book series of all time. The book went straight into the bestseller charts at number eleven, receiving rave reviews from everyone. He has been compared to George RR MartinJRR Tolkien and Ursula K Le Guin. If you like great novels, fantasy fiction, and immersive stories, you’ll love this book.

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