Tony from Above and Beyond

A wonderful set of laid back, beautiful music, perfect for a lazy afternoon of relaxing. Tony is a master DJ who has been at it for many years and his mixing is sublime. The music flows effortlessly as he progresses across multiple genres and sounds. It’s a 4 hour long journey, taking you to exotic places and putting you imagination all over the universe. Enjoy!


0:00 Mono Electric Orchestra – Antarctica Buy Now
6:16 Madraas – Intro Buy Now
13:06 Nursultan – Soroqa (Original Mix)
19:30 Rashid Ajami – You Don’t Know Me Madraas Remix Buy Now
24:50 Madraas & Eduardo McGregor – Searching The Sun (Original Mix)
30:26 Urmet K and Pete Josef – Ever The Same Buy Now
36:01 Marian AR – Life and Death Bodaishin Interpretation Buy Now
43:14 Ventt – Hidden Things (Original Mix)
49:08 Swoof – Tidal Tim Green Remix Buy Now
57:08 Marian AR – The Mistery Of The Waves Buy Now
1:03:16 Golan Zocher & Choopie – Oak Alley
1:09:17 NuKreative – State of Mind Feat Amegas Buy Now
1:15:41 Matt Lee (AR) – Sorrow (Cocho Remix)
1:21:57 MOS – Paeonia Buy Now
1:27:00 Lost Desert and Junior – Bo Singi Yo Buy Now
1:32:52 Lost Desert and Hermanez – Other Side Buy Now
1:40:03 Gorje Hewek – A Man Buy Now
1:45:55 London Grammar – All My Love (Mass Digital Remix 2)
1:51:30 Weird Sounding Dude – Water Rings Buy Now
1:57:21 Urmet K – Heart is Trembling
2:02:59 Volen Sentir – Neunivai Buy Now
2:09:42 Wassu & Bona Fide – Sila (David Orin Remix)
2:16:20 Amonita – Deja Vu Buy Now
2:22:11 Davide Ferrario – Jewel Ice (Ramiro Drisdale Remix)
2:27:24 Newman (I Love) – Coisa Linda
2:34:07 Lost Desert and Lee Burridge – Loopyjazz Buy Now
2:40:27 Alex O’Rion – Stranded
2:46:00 Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fran Bux Unofficial Remix)
2:52:37 Gorje Hewek – Atrice
2:57:39 Stan Tone & Zarya – LES (Lost Desert Remix)
3:02:40 EANP – Terra
3:09:47 Mauro Masi – Ilusion for My
3:14:51 Kamilo Sanclemenete – Fable
3:20:55 Morttagua – Pleiadians (Original Mix)
3:27:14 Alex O’Rion – The Chase
3:33:01 Etherwave – Leonids
3:38:48 FJL – Gardens (Original Mix)
3:44:03 Kamilo Sanclimente – The Distance (NOIYSE PROJECT & Bynomic Remix)
3:50:52 Zankee Gulati – Moon Drops Buy Now (Original Mix)
3:56:54 Sebastian Sellares – Dunes at Dawn
4:03:12 Jiminy Hop – Desire (Extended Mix)
4:09:30 NOIYSE PROJECT – Lost the Lust Buy Now (Original Mix)
4:15:16 fuscarini – Ray (Luciano Scheffer Remix)
4:21:03 Dabeat – Momentum (Original mix)
4:27:04 GMJ – Mood Medicine (Paul Kardos Remix)
4:33:23 Guy J – Small Alarms Buy Now

Chris Palmer Play Melodic Techno Set

My set at Play at Chicago’s Fourways on Friday night. We had a great crowd of people and the music was fabulous. Melodic Techno all night. Really beautiful music. Thanks to Rusty, SpoCe and DJ Vee for their sets. Next one is on the 21st of Feb.

Jan Blomqvist live at Tossa de Mar for Cercle

On Monday I was honored to play a Cercle live concert during sunset at the Costa Brava in Tossa de Mar, Spain. Thank you Cercle and thanks to everybody who came out there to dance with me at the sea. What a beautiful finale after more than 100 concerts during our Disconnected Album Tour in the last 10 months. I am really thankful and satisfied, but also I can’t wait to start working on the next album…

EINMUSIK b2b Jonas Saalbach live at Preikestolen for Cercle

Cercle produces unique experiences, by organizing, filming and broadcasting concerts in carefully selected locations around the world.

Our prime goal is to showcase cultural heritage and landmarks throughout the prism of electronic music and video.

Each show is different and the live events happen on Mondays.

Chris Palmer – Walter’s Theme

This is the video I’ve created for my Desert Tech track, Walter’s Theme. It’s a zen video that will calm you down and make you feel better. Lush landscapes and beautiful pictures, it takes you on a journey.

You can buy a download of the track and its 2 remixes here:

Skip forward on this player to hear the remixes:

Or on Beatport: