Adriatique at Nobody Is Not Loved Festival

Adriatique rocking out at the Nobody Is Not Loved Festival.

Adriatique is a Swiss DJ and production duo made up of Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer. They are known for their atmospheric and deep techno sound, which has earned them a loyal following among techno fans around the world. If you’re a fan of techno, then you need to see Adriatique live. There’s something about their music that is best experienced in a live setting.

Their tracks are layered and complex, with a lot of subtle details that can be easily missed if you’re not paying close attention. But when you’re dancing to their music in a club or at a festival, those details become much more apparent and add to the overall atmosphere of the track.

Adriatique is also known for their captivating live sets. They always seem to be able to create a special vibe that draws the crowd in and keeps them dancing all night long. If you’re looking for an unforgettable techno experience, then you need to see Adriatique live.


[2:23] Stephan Barnem – Everlasting Morning
[6:15] Marino Canal – ID
[11:30] Citizen Kain – ID
[17:00] Toto Chiavetta – Automation BORDERS OF LIGHT
[23:00] Will Clarke – New Generation (Avision Remix) ALL WE HAVE IS NOW
[28:00] ID – ID
[32:30] Solee – Exhilaration (Shall Ocin Remix) [FUTURE ROMANCE]
[39:00] Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Raxon Edit) [DIKI]
[44:00] Voiski – Hazy Suns
[50:00] John Monkman – Impulse [ELLUM]
[55:30] Stephan Barnem – Love After Fame
[1:00:00] WhoMadeWho – Silence & Secrets (Adriatique Remix) [EMBASSY ONE]
[1:07:00] Pryda – Sol [PRYDA]
w/ Dajae – Everyday My Life (Acappella) [DEFECTED]
[1:14:00] RÜFÜS DU SOL – On My Knees (Adriatique Remix) [ROSE AVENUE]
[1:20:00] Adriatique & Marino Canal – ID
[1:26:00] Roman Flügel – Geht’s Noch (ID Remix) [SKINT]
w/ Shakedown – At Night (Acappella) [PANORAMA]
[1:31:00] ID – ID
[1:36:00] ID – ID
[1:41:00] London Grammar – Hey Now (ID Remix) [MINISTRY OF SOUND]

Giolì & Assia – #Diesis Live at Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland [Handpan Set]

First track: SILENCE (Out Now)
From the upcoming album Fire Hell and Holy Water
Including: Giolì & Assia – Extasy; Giolì & Assia – Playing Chess

TikTok: @gioliandassia
Listen to SILENCE:…

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable musical experience, you need to check out Gioli and Assia. These talented musicians create a sound that is unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. Their music is both captivating and moving, and it will stay with you long after you’ve heard it.

“We spent 9 days here in Iceland! At the beginning this was just an impossible project even to think about, but after these 9 days we can finally say we molded it into reality!

We brought all our team here in Iceland, but more than a team they really are true friends and special people for us. They helped us make our dream possible with supporting our crazyness every single day; without sleeping, eating, making long hikes, and putting all their effort!

Nothing was taken for granted!

We toured most of Iceland, experiencing the most beautiful sunrises, coloring our eyes with joy after long runs, filled our lungs and souls breathing the purest air in the middle of huge canyons, drinking water from glaciers, and danced under the coldest rain and laid on greenest grass just simply looking at the stars!

This trip really made an impact in our lives, and we’ll be always grateful for it!
We chose the craziest, remote, pure, raw and surreal locations to shoot all our new album videos! Let us say this, you’re not ready for it!!! You’re not ready for this album!”

Our Guide: Miroslaw Tran
Video Directed by: Giolì & Assia, Graziano Piazza
Camera assistant: Marco Photi, Nathan William Roach
Drone: Luca Barone
Stylist: Star Burleigh
Stylist Assistant: Lily Lilit Shahinyan
Make Up Artist: Debora Artese
Dancer: Marika Veca
Driver: Stefan

Video produced by Ultra Music and Diesis Records

Cercle Story: Chapter Two

Cercle Story: Chapter Two

Cercle Story is a unique project made for the dreamers… A film featuring 9 amazing artists, from 9 stunning locations with the idea of recreating a full day from sunrise to sunset around the world.

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☞ Cercle Records
Yeahman – Wadi Rum: unreleased
Rodrigo Gallardo – Cocora (a la fuente): unreleased
pølaroit – Backwaters: unreleased
Catching Flies – Orsay: unreleased
Jan Blomqvist – Canopée des Cîmes (…)
French 79 – Foix: unreleased
Fejká – Jubal: OUT TODAY: (
Stereo Express – Monfragüe: unreleased
Emmit Fenn – Amman: unreleased

Set Mixed by Romain Garcia

Amonita for Anjunadeep 401

Lovely deep tunes from Amonita on the Anjunadeep Edition 401


  1. Talemates – Rabavi (White)
  2. Massive Attack – Teardrop Makebo Remix
  3. Makebo & Amonita – Back To The Roots (Anjunadeep)
  4. Michael Kiwanuka – Cold Little Heart Makebo Remix
  5. Moby – In This World Makebo & Amonita Remix
  6. Makebo – Upside Down (Rubicunda)
  7. Amonita – ID (White)
  8. Makebo & Amonita – ID (White)
  9. Audiense & Mukk – Loco Jungle (Zenebona Records)
  10. Amonita – ID (White)
  11. Sébastien Léger & Tim Green – Duel (For A Memory)
  12. Somelee & Talemates – Solar Symphony (White)
  13. DSF – Sousamy (White)
  14. Heilung – Fylgija Ear Volen Sentir Edit

Hernán Cattáneo at the Cercle Festival

Hernán Cattáneo plays beautiful music with lush melodies and warm atmospheres. This set is played in France at the Cercle Festival, A380 stage.

00:00:00 Husa & Zeyada – On My Own (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami)
00:06:30 Clyve Lights at Night
00:11:52 Berni Turletti – Prana Vayu
00:16:30 Kamilo Sanclemente -Spirals Inflections (Simply City Remix)
00:22:00 Shai T – Oriki
00:30:45 Verlk – hours go by
00:37:11 BOg – Underwater (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)
00:42:10 Sebastien Leger -Extassy
00:48:50 Khen – Homeboy
00:54:25 Axatipe – Back to the Roots
01:01:30 Simos Tagias – VACUUM
01:06:00 Hernan Cattaneo & Mercurio-A380 (Cercle Records)
01:10:54 Spencer Brown & Ezequiel Arias – Mad Rush
01:15:30 Frederico Fioretti – Genesis
01:20:25 Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente – Incense
01:25:45 Kasey Taylor & Karl Pilbrow – Mount Epico
01:30:16 Eric Lune – Predisposition
01:37:40 Amadeo Acqua
01:42:20 Navar – Herinneringen
01:47:30 Apste – Magna
01:52:10 Porra-See you

Transitions 924 with John Digweed and Henri Bergmann

Fresh new tunes from the master dj and guest Henri Bergmann.

John Digweed played:
[00:00] Evans – Tropik [BEDROCK]
[8:00] Sean Harvey – Tenways
[13:30] Evans – Santos [BEDROCK]
[19:00] Hamoon & Amiralee & Nima Sarshar – Ragas (Igor Bartyuk Remix) [NEBULA SOUNDS]
[26:00] Rise 1969 & Tim Sean-Lee – Magnetic Beast (Bachir Salloum Remix) [MOODMUSIC]
[31:00] Niko Schwind & Robbie Akbal ft. Ay Sarita – Cambiando De Noche (Landikhan Remix) [AKBAL]
[37:00] Evans & Altman – Birds Of Paradise [BEDROCK]
[42:00] Distorted Beauty – Falling [PERCEP-TION]
[48:00] Ron Flatter – Nevataz [POUR LA VIE]
[54:00] Hunter/Game – 6AM [JUST THIS]

Henri Bergmann played:
[1:00:20] ID – ID
[1:07:30] Cenkk – I Was Lost [BORDERS OF LIGHT]
[1:12:30] Argia – The Last Tiger [ATOMNATION]
[1:16:00] Skala – Winter Sun [OUT OF OPTIONS]
[1:20:00] Hardt Antoine – Awa Power (Henri Bergmann Remix) [LABYRINTH]
[1:24:30] ID – ID
[1:29:15] Several Definitions ft. Ed Begley – Spring Loaded [IMPRESSUM]
[1:33:30] The Dualz – Vision [WAY OF HOUSE]
[1:39:15] ID – ID
[1:44:45] Henri Bergmann & Fat Cosmoe & Wennink – Higher Dimension (19:26 Remix) [AUTOMATIK]
[1:50:30] Space Food – On Greed [MIDNIGHT RIDERS]
[1:53:00] ID – ID
[1:55:30] Volar – Masakali [EQUANIMITY]

Ezequiel Arias at Jardín Botánico

Another beautiful original mix from Ezequiel Arias for Anjunadeep. Lovely deep and laidback beats, beautiful swirling melodies, all created by this wonderful producer. In support of his recent “Dreamlike” EP released on Anjunadeep


  1. Ezequiel Arias & Artfaq – 2505 (Original Mix)
  2. Ezequiel Arias & Sebastian Sellares – ID (Original MIx)
  3. Ezequiel Arias – Modern Memory (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
  4. Ezequiel Arias – Melomania (Original Mix)
  5. Ezequiel Arias – Arcadia (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
  6. Ezequiel Arias, Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor – Meloram (Original Mix) [Melorama Música]
  7. Jody Bar – Accidental Lovers feat. Felicia Douglass (Ezequiel Arias Edit)
  8. Ezequiel Arias – ID (Original Mix)
  9. Ezequiel Arias – ID (Original Mix)
  10. Artfaq – Lexion (Ezequiel Arias Remix) [Sudbeat]
  11. Antrim, Artfaq & Ezequiel Arias – Day by Night feat. Sarah Chillanti (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
  12. Ezequiel Arias – ID (Original Mix)
  13. Ezequiel Arias – Solar (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
  14. Ezequiel Arias & Sebastian Sellares – ID (Original Mix)
  15. Spencer Brown & Ezequiel Arias – ID (Original Mix)
  16. RÜFÜS DU SOL – Next to Me (Ezequiel Arias Edit)
  17. Ezequiel Arias & FOLGAR – ID (Original Mix)

Marsh At Printworks for Anjunadeep

Marsh writes and plays great music. The Printworks venue is doing beautiful events.

[0:00] Marsh – Innocence
[5:10] Adam White & Andy Moor pres.Whiteroom – The White Room (Marsh Remix)
[10:33] Marsh – Gated
[15:10] Marsh – Heaven
[18:44] Marsh ft. Sun Ra – Another Planet
[23:06] Marsh – Pretty Eyes
[26:40] Marsh ft. Leo Wood – My Stripes
[31:32] Dosem – Eternal Summer (Marsh Remix)
[36:53] Marsh – Calling
[42:02] Marsh – Fable
[47:25] Marsh – Liberator
[52:02] Marsh – Beech Street (Simon Doty Remix)
[58:03] Safri Duo – Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Marsh Remix)
[1:02:31] Marsh – Little Darling
[1:06:05] Marsh – Love
[1:10:40] ID – ID
[1:15:16] James Holden & Julie Thompson – Nothing (Marsh Bootleg)
[1:20:16] Eli & Fur – Wild Skies (Marsh Remix)
[1:24:52] Marsh – Free

Tony from Above&Beyond: Deep Set 35

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Ten hours of music from Tony McGuinness and friends!

Tony McGuinness
Kora – Tamanaku
Nohan – The Sun in December
Niceshot – Off in Deep (Feat. BODAI)
Ventt – Hidden Things (Original Mix)
ilias Katelanos & Plecta – Camelia
Elliot Moriarty – We Are One
Khen – The Babylon Track
Urmet K – There By The Sea [Edit]
NIIIE – Hey Tom [Edit]
Sebastian Sellares – Lost In Time (Original Mix)
Wassu & djimboh – Green Eyed Cat
Maezbi – Spacelost (Original Mix)
Tim Green – Battle Illusion
Lisandro – Whirl (Original Mix)
Draso – Bloom (Original Mix)
Paul Deep (AR) – Filira
Gorkiz, Zairi Torrez – I Feel Fine (Original Mix)
Deep Dish – Say Hello (Mayro 2022 Remix)
Kasper Koman – Fruit
Maxi Degrassi – Prohibited Steps (Original Mix)
Lio Q, Nicolas Leonelli – Perfect Love (Dabeat Remix)
Alex O’Rion – Castle In The Sky (Original Mix)

Angela Botero
Colyn – Anonymous Affairs
Alican & Soner Ince – Find You
Nhar – Crystal Chamber
Rashid Ajami & Dröm – The Lie
Sébastien Léger – Sakura Blossom
Ivory (IT) – Hold Your Breath
Zankee Gulati – Moon Drops (Original Mix)
Eelke Kleijn – Mont Saint-Michel (Original Mix)
Colyn – Programmed for Empathy
Carlita – Movimiento

Sun Yang
Cypherpunx feat. Sian Evans – Alien (Sebastien Leger Remix – Hodel Dub)
Condriac, Emann – Hemamea (Original Mix)
Amonita – Ainu (Original Mix)
Gorje Hewek, Lost Desert, Volen Sentir – Fluminnese (12″ Version)
Tim Green – Pyxis (Original Mix)
Amonita – Wilwarin (Original Mix)
Double Touch – Dream a Little Dream (Original Mix)
Simon Vuarambon – 1996 (Original Mix)

Velero – ID
Lucefora – Hidden Sun (Original Mix)
Velero – ID
The Cobb – Voda (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
Proff – Whale Song (Extended Mix)
Eli & Fur – Fire to Fire (Velero Rework)
Nacho Varela – Walk (Original Mix)
R Plus – Hold On To Your Heart (Eli & Fur Vocal Mix)
Velero – ID
Velero – ID
Velero – ID

Wassu – Camu (Original Mix)
Wassu & djimboh – Deep Set ID 19
Marsh & Wassu – Deep Set ID 20
Wassu feat. Mimi Page – Deep Set ID 21
Wassu & Ventt – Deep Set ID 22
Wassu & Warung – Deep Set ID 23
Wassu – Tommu (Original Mix)
Double Touch & Wassu – Deep Set ID 24
Wassu – Deep Set ID 25
Wassu – Deep Set ID 26
Wassu & Bona Fide – Deep Set ID 27
Wassu – Deep Set ID 28
Simon Doty & Ezequiel Arias vs. The Temper Trap – Sonoma Disposition (Wassu NYE 2020 Mash-Up)
Wassu – Deep Set ID 15
Wassu – Deep Set ID 29
Wassu & David Orin – Deep Set ID 17

Juan Pablo Torres
Nursultan Kun – Dark Silence (Mass Digital Remix)
Dave Leck – Radius
Erdi Irmak – Hope (Rework)
DSF – MATI 102 (Original Mix)
Dave Leck – Elevate (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
Figueras – Summit
JFR – Kira
Andre Moret, NAHS – Brava
Nursultan Kun – Midnight Moon (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
Frankie M, Rodrigo Lapena, Gonzalo Sacc – Let Me Go
Ric Niels – Who Knows
Analog Jungs – Surrende
Gorkiz, Mango – Ipanema Twilight (Dabeat & Juan Pablo Torrez Remix)
Juan Pablo Torrez ft. Amber Long – Missing
Lio Q, Anhauser, Nicolas Leonelli – Lost Desert
Deviu – Two Worlds
Petar Dundov – Neopar (Cid Inc. Remix)
Magitman – Kite
Erdi Irmak – The World Is Yours (Rework)