Fjaak at Boiler Room AVA Festival

Fjaak have been making waves in the Techno world. They play tough and uncompromising sets, as well as produce great music.

Tracklist — Comment below if you know any ID’s 🙂
0:41 Elektrochemie LK – Schall (Remix)
01:57 Knarz – Tanzmaschine
2:25 Kamaflarge – Disco Tamination
4:58 Kettama – Did I Tell You
8:50 FJAAK – ID (Unreleased)
12:02 FJAAK – Lehmann
15:58 FJAAK – Underdawg
19:11 DJ Bogdan – Love Inna Basement (Midnite XTC)
22:38 ID – ID
25:40 ID – ID (Unreleased)
28:59 ID – ID
32:33 Tommy Holohan – Subaru Impreza
37:04 Raredub & Kink ft. SREBREV – How The Fire Started feat. SREBREV (Dub)
41:25 Asquith – Rave Til Dawn
46:22 FJAAK – Lovers (Unreleased Tresor 30 Album)
51:41 FJAAK – Highrise 49
57:37 FJAAK – ID (to be released on FJAAK008)
1:02:25 FJAAK – District 8
1:07:00 Stranger – Rok Da Place
1:09:58 Overmono – So U Know
1:15:04 Randomer – Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix)
1:20:19 FJAAK – ID
1:23:03 2000 and One – Kawasaki
1:27:03 FJAAK – Rough and Ready

Ben Sims for Spandau 20

Ben Sims has been in the press lately, first for telling Eric Prydz to shut up because he wouldn’t know Techno if it punched him in the face, and then for Jeff Mills sharing a post that Ben Sims is the best Techno DJ in the world. This is a mixtape for FJAAK, one of my favourite Techno artists. It’s high energy, full power Techno!

Nina Kraviz closing Exit 2021

The ladies are strong in Techno these days, they seem to often be doing a better job than the men. Nina Kraviz came up through the Red Bull Music Academy, an initiative that gave many top DJ’s their break into the world scene.

She pays relentless Techno, great for dancing, with high energy and excellent grooves. This is a great 3 hour set, with plenty of great tunes. Closing sets are always great for a DJ as they get to finish off a great weekend.

[00:00:15] – Bjarki and Kuldaboli – U Je Je Deep Fake Mix Buy Now [BBBBBB]
[00:02:00] – ???
[00:05:15] – Cerrot – No Wright Or Wrong (UPCOMING ON TRIP)
[00:08:52] – ???
[00:12:07] – Roma Zuckerman – Frequency Hole 4 Buy Now [TRIP]
[00:15:48] – ???
[00:19:14] – ???
[00:22:10] – ???
[00:24:20] – ???
[00:28:55] – UFO 95 – BRCD1 (Edit 3.0) (UNRELEASED)
[00:31:33] – Richie Hawtin – Minus Orange 1 Buy Now [MINUS]
[00:33:12] – Yello – Oh Yeah Buy Now (Remastered 2005)
[00:34:35] – Richie Hawtin – Minus Orange 1 Buy Now [MINUS]
[00:36:58] – ???
[00:39:04] – ???
[00:43:00] – ???
[00:47:59] – In3dee – Vetrarsólstöđupsytrance [BBBBBB]
[00:50:18] – Talismann – Jylya Buy Now [TALISMANN]
[00:53:02] – Polarius – Up North [CRÈME ORGANIZATION]
[00:54:15] – DBX – Losing Control [PEACEFROG]
[00:58:30] – Autechre – Djraum (Bjarki Pandemix) [BJARKI SELF REALESED]
[01:04:45] – ???
[01:09:05] – Vladimir Dubyshkin – Pixel Hunting (UNRELEASED)
[01:13:10] – Daniela Carranza – Tech Melancholy (UNRELEASED)
[01:17:20] -Alpha Tracks – Double Exposure (UNRELEASED)
[01:21:38] – Antigone – LolyTrance (UPCOMING ON TRIP]
[01:28:08] – Alpha Tracks – Mind Over Mayhem (UNRELEASED)
[01:34:25] – Woody McBride – Prolongued [DROP BASS NETWORK]
[01:37:12] – The Martian – Star Dancer [RED PLANET]
[01:43:20] – Nina Kraviz and Bara Nova – Pilling in my Head Buy Now [LAKESHORE RECORDS]
[01:48:55] – ???
[01:51:43] – Nina Kraviz – All His Decisions (UPCOMING ON TRIP)
[01:53:37] – Nina Kraviz – Broader Buy Now [PLANET-X]
[01:56:15] – Praecox – Minigram [HADSHOT HAHEIZAR]
[02:01:01] – Praecox – Mechanikum [HADSHOT HAHEIZAR]
[02:04:52] – Vladimir Dubyshkin – ??? (UPCOMING ON TRIP]
[02:09:35] – Vladimir Dubyshkin – ??? (UNRELEASED)
[02:12:00] – Khia – My Neck, My Back (Lick It) [Dissolver Whiplash Edit] [VANILLA OMP]
[02:18:00] – X-Coast – Synthetic Dreams Anetha Remix Buy Now [DANCETRAX]
[02:20:56] – Bjarki – Teach Me Frisbee Buy Now [PLANET X]
[02:21:58] – DIE SONNE – The Rip [BOOM! RECORDS]
[02:24:45] – Freak Factory – Radiation Mr Gasmask Remix Buy Now [OLD SKULL]
[02:28:10] – UFO95 – ??? (UNREALESED)
[02:32:05] – Mr. Gasmask – Urtekram [OLD SKULL]
[02:35:44] – ???
[02:41:18] – Majide – Stamp Your Feet Hard Buy Now [FUTURE MUSIC]
[02:46:40] – YAM-YUM – Dust Devil Rmx [DROP OUT]
[02:50:57] – Castle Trancelott- Indoctrinate [P & C SLATE RECORDS]
[03:00:04] – Dr. Pravda – Herzschrittmacher [KICKS]

Vladimir Dubyshkin – Elvis Has Left the Building Buy Now [TRIP]
AADJA – Thought Dealer Buy Now [TRIP]

Anfisa Letyago in Malta for Cercle

Anfisa Letyago plays one of the toughest Techno sets I’ve heard on a Cercle event, on a beautiful venue called the Saluting Battery, in Malta. A gorgeous venue with beautiful views, Cercle once again supplies the goods with great music and great visuals.


[00:00] 01 Anfisa Letyago – Gravity Buy Now
[06:00] 02 Anfisa Letyago – Saluting Battery Buy Now
[10:00] 03 ID – ID
[16:00] 04 ID – ID
[23:00] 05 Answer Code Request – The 4th Verdict Buy Now
[26:00] 06 Anfisa Letyago – Nisida Buy Now
[30:00] 07 ID – ID
[33:00] 08 Rene Wise – Raptor Buy Now
[38:00] 09 Assumption – Imperial Buy Now
[43:00] 10 JED – En Route
[47:00] 11 Roberto Clementi – Megalo Buy Now
[51:00] 12 Phara – The Andromeda Manoeuvre Buy Now
[56:00] 13 Narciss ft Ikki Mel – Blicke Buy Now
[01:02:00] 14 Gaetano Parisio – Last Three Months Buy Now
[01:06:00] 15 Introversion – Rem Buy Now
[01:12:00] 16 Voiski and Hadone – Fall Into The Light Buy Now

Secret Cinema Techno Mix

Secret Cinema always put out great mixes. This is some driving Techno, recorded in the studio for Drumcode Radio. I’m a big fan of the more driving tunes for the dancefloor, and this mix doesn’t disappoint.

Secret Cinema – Random 54C
Atonism – Mursi Buy Now
Hedstrom and Pflug – Distant Freedom Buy Now
Thimo Konings – Binaur
Augusto Taito – Rewerth Buy Now
Alberto Tolo – Sculpt
Sama – Combustion
Jonas Kopp – Your Mind Buy Now
Volster – The Reason I Tell
Secret Cinema and Egbert – Random 47 Buy Now
Egbert – ID
The Southern – Odyssey
Cvrdwell – Ate Temudo Remix Buy Now
Rico Puestel – Laps Bowmn Remix Buy Now
Vinicius Honorio – Medusa Buy Now
Secret Cinema and Egbert – Vortex Buy Now

Storm’s 21st Birthday Mix

This is a mix I did for my friend Storm’s 21st birthday. It is driving peak time style set of Techno tracks that I like. Here’s the track list:

1 Sides – Ron Costa
Sides – Ron Costa Buy Now
2 Deja Vu (Original Mix) – UMEK
Deja Vu – UMEK Buy Now
3 Escape (Original Mix) – Eli Brown
Escape – Eli Brown Buy Now
4 Pulverturm (Denise Schneider Remix) – Neils Van Gogh
5 The Phoenix (Original Mix) – Alex Stein
The Phoenix – Alex Stein Buy Now
6 Check (Original Mix) – HI-LO, Will Clarke
Check – HI-LO and Will Clarke Buy Now
7 Phobos (Original Mix) – Space 92
Phobos – Space 92 Buy Now
8 Dark Passenger – HOF(DE)
Dark Passenger – HOF Buy Now
9 Ricochet – Oliver Lieb
Ricochet – Oliver Lieb Buy Now
10 Hppnss15 – Ricardo Garduno
Hppnss15 – Ricardo Garduno Buy Now
11 Le Terrible – Terence Fixmer
Le Terrible – Terence Fixmer Buy Now
12 Tiny Shocks – Dustin Zahn
Tiny Shocks – Dustin Zahn Buy Now
13 Storm – Amelie Lens
Storm – Amelie Lens Buy Now
14 – Macid (Original Mix) – Belocca, ASY*S
Macid – Belocca and ASYS Buy Now
15 The Colour Of Doubt (Coyu Raw Mix) – Coyu
The Colour Of Doubt Coyu Raw Mix – Coyu Buy Now
16 Eating Concrete (Original Mix) – Reinier Zonneveld
Eating Concrete – Reinier Zonneveld Buy Now
17 Show me that light (Cleric Remix) – Kwartz
Show me that light Cleric Remix – Kwartz Buy Now

Amelie Lens at Exit Festival Serbia 2021

Amelie Lens at Exit Festival in Serbia 2021 is a high energy and hard Techno set. She manages to play harder than most DJ’s on the festival scene, while still managing to keep the music accessible and very danceable. And that is why most of us like to play dance music, to dance.

A lot of the music she plays is dark, with hard acid synths and biting sounds, yet it she manages to keep it on the edge and not make it too hard so that it chases people away. That is a talent, especially in Techno. I’ve seen many hard Techno DJ’s clear a floor very quickly by playing tracks that are too harsh, not giving enough care to drawing people in and keeping them dancing.


[00:00] Amelie Lens – L’Obscurite [ [LENSKE]]
Amelie Lens – L’Obscurite Buy Now
[4:00] Shinichiro Imanari – XYZ [ [DSR DIGITAL]]
Shinichiro Imanari – XYZ Buy Now
[6:00] Atze Ton – India Rose
Atze Ton – India Rose Buy Now
[9:00] Amelie Lens & Airod – Escape [ [LENSKE]]
Amelie Lens and Airod – Escape Buy Now
[13:00] Phara – M. At Play [ [SK_ELEVEN]]
Phara – M At Play Buy Now
[16:30] Goldzik – Rust [ [TRAU-MA]]
Goldzik – Rust Buy Now
[19:00] Amelie Lens & Airod – Space Program [ [LENSKE]]
Amelie Lens and Airod – Space Program Buy Now
[22:00] Mickey Nox – All The Bodies Were Calm [ [OBSCUUR]]
Mickey Nox – All The Bodies Were Calm Buy Now
[25:00] – Systematic Ignorance [ [EXHALE]]
Frazier – Systematic Ignorance Buy Now
[29:00] KE:NT – Groll
[32:00] Amelie Lens – Higher [ [LENSKE]]
Amelie Lens – Higher Buy Now
[36:00] Dandi & Ugo & Steve Soprani – Answer (Steve Shaden Rave Mix) [ [LEVEL]]
Dandi and Ugo and Steve Soprani – Answer Steve Shaden Rave Mix Buy Now
[40:08] Champas – Raw Matters
Champas – Raw Matters Buy Now
[44:18] D.N.S – AGSTP [ [DREIZEHN]]
[46:55] ID – ID
[51:01] Amelie Lens & Airod – Raver’s Heart [ [LENSKE]]
Amelie Lens and Airod – Raver’s Heart Buy Now
[54:59] Sept – Beyond The Veil [ [EXHALE]]
Sept – Beyond The Veil Buy Now
[58:39] Don Woezik – Mjolnir [ [GOMBOC RECORDS]]
Don Woezik – Mjolnir Buy Now
[1:01:18] Milo Spykers – Stainless Steel
[1:05:16] ZNZL – Vacuum Inner Self
ZNZL – Vacuum Inner Self Buy Now
[1:08:53] Zeltak – Pure Vision [ [DCRYPTED]]
Zeltak – Pure Vision Buy Now
[1:12:52] DJ Ogi – Adriatic
[1:15:57] Sikztah – Furyan (SveTec Remix)
Sikztah – Furyan SveTec Remix Buy Now
[1:20:28] Yoan Lokier – Back To Life
[1:23:40] DJ Pepo – Leon My Big Dog
DJ Pepo – Leon My Big Dog Buy Now
[1:26:24] Trasponder – Trasponder (Decode Remix) [ [UNDERGROUND]]
[1:31:19] Amelie Lens & Airod – Join Us [ [LENSKE]]
Amelie Lens and Airod – Join Us Buy Now
[1:35:14] Luix Spectrum & Loco13 – Blessing (SveTec Remix) [ [WICKED WAVES]]
Luix Spectrum and Loco13 – Blessing SveTec Remix Buy Now
[1:37:52] Der Lehmann – Reißender Strom
Der Lehmann – Reisender Strom Buy Now
[1:43:14] ID – ID
[1:45:29] ID – ID
[1:49:06] ID – ID
[1:51:53] ID – ID
[1:54:39] ID – ID
[1:57:44] Ahl Iver – There Is Always Light [ [EXHALE]]
Ahl Iver – There Is Always Light Buy Now

Len Faki at Time Warp 2019

Berlin based DJ, producer and label owner Len Faki is one of the most outstanding and in-demand artists in techno’s present age. He is an internationally requested dj, whose productions and remixes are played by techno’s most prominent names. Being a resident at Berlin’s prime techno club Berghain since its opening in 2004 keeps him open-minded as both, dj and producer. His sound is constantly evolving without ever losing its vibrant, unique energy and the passion and heart he puts into his sets. His gigs are an audio-visual adventure where he is not only playing for the crowd but rather performing for and with them.
Even before his move to Berlin in 2003, Len Faki had the experience of managing two highly acclaimed techno labels, Monoid and Feis. These early years of fruitful productivity provided the necessary groundwork for the next big steps in his career. Upon his arrival in Berlin, it didn´t take long until he became a resident-DJ in the newly opened Berghain – a match made in techno heaven and a monthly experience he wouldn´t want to miss for anything. The characteristic extra long DJ-sets in his “living room” inspire him to vary in tone and fully roll out his style to explore and further deepen his mastery of turning a DJ-set into a bona fide musical journey.

In 2003 he founded his own label figure as a new platform to play out his eclectic and open-minded vision of techno music. At first an outlet for his own productions, figure developed into a well recognized, highly acclaimed label, releasing household names like Johannes Heil or Slam as well as upcoming producers like Markus Suckut, A.Mochi, Psyk and others. To support and believe in the success of upcoming artists was and always will be a matter close to Len’s heart and so the label is constantly scouting for fresh talent to develop and produce. Closing in on it’s 50th release, figure is setting a new standard for techno music that is equal parts versatile, exciting and cutting-edge.

In 2006 Len founded the new label Podium with the intention to produce a short running series of EPs, featuring exclusive tracks from colleagues and friends alongside his own creations. From its initial release Podium found a sizeable fan base and has since gained cult status within the techno fraternity.

One year later, in 2007 he released the double A-side “Rainbow Delta/ Mekong Delta” on Ostgut Ton, which became one of the biggest anthems of the year and an instant techno classic, heavily supported by techno’s top DJs. The success and popularity of Mekong Delta brought a wave of attention to Faki, who answered with numerous, extremely successful follow-up tracks like “My Black Sheep“ or „Odyssee II”, which turned into massive club hits in 2007 and 2008, as well as “Death By House” for Sven Väth’s Cocoon label, a track, that ruled that year’s summer festivals and Ibiza’s annual debauchery. Thanks to his passionate performances, he got constant, top-notch rankings in a variety of popular music magazines. In Groove magazine’s reader poll at the end of 2007 he was voted to the top position in three categories like “Best Track” and “Best Producer” – a tremendous honor and triple status that no one had ever achieved before him.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Len´s love for the infinite variety of electronic music resulted in founding figure spc in 2009. An authentic label, releasing techno music in all its facets, open minded and unconditional in its passion. Just like Podium before it, figure spc quickly found a huge fan base, who appreciate the label’s tidbits each time.

In spring 2009, another milestone in Len’s career was passed with the release of “Berghain 03” on Ostgut Ton, Len Faki’s first commercial mix-CD. Accompanied by two 12 inches with exclusive tracks from fellow producers like Radio Slave and Len himself, “Berghain 03” further reinforced his status as one of the most innovative and versatile techno DJs in the business who pairs a deep understanding of balancing stripped-down funkiness and modern techno sensibilities.

Since then Len has found more and more pleasure in editing tracks for his DJ- sets to create his own musical universe and further develop his unique sound on stage. Len Faki’s bone-dry but communicative execution style sets him apart as a true gentleman behind the turntables, an artist whose sets are based on raw passion and beauty, who uses his fingertips like sensors on a Richter scale, gauging, anticipating as well as triggering eruptions on the dance floor…