Offlabel Livestream

Psychedelic Trance at its best, Tony Offlabel is one of the Blacklite Records crew. Creating great tunes and sounds is his craft and he excels at it. Along with his Blacklite Crew mates, they are creating some of the finest Psytrance in the world. This livestream is from an old NATO base in Italy, and contains only original tunes written by himself.

Here is some background:

OffLabel is a psytrance project by Tony Vallini, born and raised in Italy. He started as techno DJ when he was 16, and from 1995 he started as a producer, always taking care to maintain his own style. He found himself drawn into the psytrance world, already having a lot of experience as a Techno artist and party promoter. In 2018 he joined the well known Blacklite Records family, after changing his style. More complex psychedelic sounds, deeper basslines, acid synths and a vast tempo increase, in line with the new trends of the genre. On stage, OffLabel provides a Live Set together with many atmospheric effects and sounds that are created live and on the spot. It is a very engaging show with a powerful music vibes that audiences love.

Location: The former NATO base is scenically located on the top of Monte Giogo. The four huge parabola-shaped antennas give the landscape a surreal and unusual look. The base was in fact a troposcatter base, that is, it served as a military communication bridge during the Cold War. Encrypted codes were transmitted to all of the NATO bases in the Mediterranean, to warn in case of missiles or other threats.

Filming – Editing …….. Francesco Gentili
Crew Assistant ……….. Nicola Razzetto, Simone
Music ………………………. Offlabel
Production ……………… Tony Vallini

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Mo:Dem Festival Mutations v1

Some next level lighting, lasers and 3D mapping at the latest Mo:Dem Festival, Mutation v1. Looks like it was excellent. FOMO!!!

Mo:Dem always brings some of the best artists together to create something special. This looks like it was amazing. Music sounds great too.

Daksinamurti live set at Maleficarum

Daksinamurti writes great Psytrance. His music is very psychedelic, taking listeners on a journey, with great flow. His transitions are seamless and he brings a story to his sets.


00:00:00 Daksinamurti – N.N (unrel)
00:06:16 Ingrained Instincts and Daksinamurti – Hippie Hill Buy Now
00:12:54 Babagoon and Daksinamurti – Sangoma Healing Buy Now
00:18:13 Doom’s and Daksinamurti – Hangover Buy Now (Sangoma)
00:23:50 Daksinamurti – Howl Buy Now (Sangoma)
00:30:07 Konebu and Daksinamurti – No Moon Buy Now (Sangoma)
00:37:52 Lemurians and Daksinamurti – Saberstick Buy Now (Sangoma)
00:43:10 Daksinamurti – NN (unrel)
00:48:42 Daksinamurti and Cosinus – Iruka Buy Now
00:54:02 Cosinus and Daksinamurti – All things must Pass Buy Now (Sangoma)
01:01:09 Daksinamurti – N.N (unrel)
01:07:56 Analog Anarchists and Daksinamurti – Alerta Buy Now (Sangoma)
01:14:30 Daksinamurti and Purist and Cosinus – Lets Shiva Dance Buy Now (Parvati)

Refinoir Psychedelic Mix

A high energy mix of dark and forest Psytrance. This is high BPM and starts off psychedelic before moving into more Forest style tracks.


1 Pap en Tik (Unreleased) – Mowgli & Shadow Shaman
2 Microlife – Wishi
3 Rosemary Plumes – Act One Download
4 Insanity Blues – Weirdbass and Asimilon Buy Now
5 Social Paranoid – Render and Yabba Dabba Buy Now
6 Gaggalacktical – Sequoya & Daksinamurti Download
7 Manca la Piuma – Astronom & Yohanan Download
8 Out of the Box – Nioka Download
9 Madventure – Psylophonica Download
10 Intelliscience RMX – Braindrop Download

Refinoir Live Radio Broadcast 1

Join us on Friday the 15th of May as we stream the 1st Refinoir Live Radio Show on Arc-Radio at 7pm

Chat room (virtual dance floor)

Your navigators for the evening are:

Alien Natives

(Killer B vs Hegchick)


Chris Palmer


We’ll be sharing lots of laughter in the chat room of our virtual dance floor. The closest you’ll get to a real party in lockdown! Come have some fun and share some great music with us.

We’ll also be collecting donations for struggling artists and musicians via our paypal on the event.

Filtiarn at Psyclical Atlantis

A dark Forest set, played at Psyclical Atlantis at 4am, Sunday morning. Driving and full of energy, Filtiarn is a big fan of Parvati Records. I played one-on-one with Filtiarn at the Darker Dimensions floor at Connexion New Years Festival and we had a great one!

Chris Palmer & Filtiarn Dark Psy set at Darker Dimensions, Connexion

Our one-on-one Psy set on the Darker Dimensions floor at Connexion New Year Festival, Hella Hella Adventure Centre, Kwazulu Natal. It was our first time playing one-on-one Psy and it went fantastically!

It was from 8 to 9.30pm, so the beginning of the night. The floor was packed and it was pumping, being the first night of the festival. Despite the rain during the festival, it was magical. In fact, the rain kept us cool, the one hot day we melted! Hope you enjoy the music.