Chris Palmer & Filtiarn Dark Psy set at Darker Dimensions, Connexion

Our one-on-one Psy set on the Darker Dimensions floor at Connexion New Year Festival, Hella Hella Adventure Centre, Kwazulu Natal. It was our first time playing one-on-one Psy and it went fantastically!

It was from 8 to 9.30pm, so the beginning of the night. The floor was packed and it was pumping, being the first night of the festival. Despite the rain during the festival, it was magical. In fact, the rain kept us cool, the one hot day we melted! Hope you enjoy the music.

Vortex Open Source Various Artists Compilation

Vortex Trance Adventures in Cape Town are celebrating 25 years of conscious festivals at Vortex Open Source. This compilation brings 19 great tunes, ranging from Psytrance to Ambient, from artists performing at the festival.

Please support these great artists and buy their tunes? Bandcamp supplies high quality wav or FLAC files at the same price. You can also stream the tunes to hear them in their entirety.

Best wishes to Vortex on this momentous achievement, quarter of a century! With the almighty TAZ on visuals and Vortex legendary production skills, this will be a festival to remember. Catch you on the dancefloor!

Plusminus at Organik Gaian Dream

Plusminus DJ set 05h30 – 08h00 Sunday morning at Organik – Gaian Dream. Mike has become a friend of mine. His funny memes and great sense of humour have been a constant entertainment in my life for the last couple of years.

From mistakenly stumbling into the wrong room at parties while intoxicated (hee hee) to catching yellow fever on the way to Vietnam for Quest Festival (Nitty Gritty Guide to Quest), he always manages to have an adventure, and a story to tell.

His sets are well crafted, excellently mixed and full power. Flowing easily through great selections, it’s easy to feel why the crowds love him. He recently formed a duo with Deliriant called Michael/Cera. They, of course, cause mayhem together.

The stage design at Organik Gaian Dream was Crafted by Christopher Dowding, an old friend of mine. His set pieces are stunning, with great attention to detail.

Organik Gaian Dream

I’m looking forward to seeing Mike at Connexion New Year and Psyclical presents Atlantis

DJ BERNZ – Blacklite Records Series Vol.24

This is a blistering, fast-paced and high energy set from one of my faves, DJ Bernz. He’s always right on the pulse, delivering great tunes, and the wryest sense of humour. Check out this bio 🙂

“They have requested a biography from me that is supposed to give you an idea of what kind of DJ I am and perhaps even give you an idea of what kind of person I am. It is supposed to have
information about when I started DJing, what type of music I enjoy and maybe even artists who inspire my original production.
This would be the part where I would list the parties I’ve played at and also any famous DJs that you might have heard of that I’ve shared the stage with. To round it all off I’d put a catchy little slogan at the end with the intent that you would remember this particular biography, my biography.”

DJ Bernz on Facebook | Soundcloud…ds-118220496976/

Blacklite Records on Facebook | Soundcloud

I’m looking forward to seeing him at Vortex Open Source 2019, Connexion New Year and then at our party, Psyclical presents Atlantis in Feb.

Here’s the official release for Stereoxide on Bandcamp on Blacklite Records label:

Click on the image to play the tracks

Tryptamine Tales
by Stereoxide

  1. Alternative Universes (Original Mix) 07:56
  2. Stereoxide, Mirok – Robots (Original Mix) 07:36
  3. Singular ET (Original Mix) 07:56
  4. Stereoxide, Mental Broadcast – Teleportation (Original Mix) 08:38
  5. KohPhiLot (Original Mix) 07:27
  6. Stereoxide, Art Materials – They don’t know (Original Mix) 06:35
  7. Wormhole (Original Mix) 08:04
  8. Stereoxide, Endeavour – Burrito Justice (Original Mix) 07:40
  9. Stereoxide, Animalien – Event Horizon (Original Mix) 08:22
  10. Superbugs (Original Mix) 07:32


“Blacklite Records proudly presents the debut album from the dynamic Mexican/Swiss Duo Stereoxide! Aptly titled: ‘Tryptamine Tales’, each track is an audio journey through the various states of the altered mind. These Tales of cosmic exploration have taken more than a year to create, a journey that started on the beaches of ‘Koh Tao’, collaborating with inter stellar artists along the way, such as Animalien, Art Materials, Endeavour, Mental Broadcast and Mirok.. Destination ‘Singular ET’ is on the ‘event horizon’ and this is the perfect soundtrack to accompany you for ‘teleportation’.. 
\\Fasten Your Seatbelts!”


released October 3, 2019 

Artist: Stereoxide 
Title: Tryptamine Tales 
Label: Blacklite Records 
Catalogue N°: BLKLDD005 
Beatport Release Date: 19/09/2019(Exclusive on Beatport) 
Official Release Date: 03/10/2019 (All Digital Stores) 
Mastered by Bart @ Striker Mastering 
Artwork: Psikodelicious Art & Design

animalienart materialselectronicendeavourmental broadcastmirokstereoxidetryptamine talesgoagoa tranceprogressivepsytrancetranceSan Diego

Check out Blacklite Records latest VA, Wanderlust, compiled by the beautiful Pollyfonika

“We are proud to announce our upcoming compilation piloted through time and space by Blacklite’s own lady of the beat Pollyfonika and navigated by some of the world’s most experienced psychonauts including: Neuromotor,Virtual LightSpectra SonicsTRONNukleallProhechtDelirium TremensAnimalienAlgorikaBarakVENOMDouble HelixArchitekt3rd Eyehole, Particular & Somos”


Check out DJ BERNZ latest track on the Perceptions VA on PsynOpticz

VA \\ Perceptionz ( Curated by Motion Theory – PsynOpticz Records)

01 // Sinestesia vs Nanospace – Quadridimensional
02 // Alien Code vs Eclipse Echoes – Endless Quest
03 // Particular & Bernz – Satanist Chicken
04 // Profound – Vlaka
05 // Mental Projection – Papelito
06 // Breathead & Active Forms – Castle Rock
07 // Nomad Aliens – Natural High
08 // NaiLiK vs Holon – Bonsai
09 // Contrast – Mirror Man
10 // Reversed Logic and Spiritual Mode – Vertigo
11 // Mechanical Dialect – Perceptionz
12 // OxyFlux & Shadow Shaman – Monkey’s Wedding

Bandcamp :
Beatport :
Spotify :
Youtube :

Pollyfonika DJ SET – El Groovy 147 BPM

Here you go, my new set just out of the oven! 147 BPM, full of psychedelic groove to start the weekend beautifully! Hope you like it! 😎😈👻
*** Some of the tracks included are about to be released on my compilation Wanderlust, pre-order now on Beatport: ***


2. AVAN7 & Mental Projection – Contagious
3. Killerwatts and @Mandala – Edge of time (Illumination RMX) 
5. Akasha, Dktronic & Spiritual Projection – Parallel Universe
6. Barak & Inlakech Mexico – The Goose is Loose
7. Chromadhi = Chromatone + Samadhi – Tequila Toothpaste 
8. Kryptone vs Psikea – Polkadot Princess Pony
9. Neuromotor & Vik – NN
10. Algorika – Monkey Mind 
11. Delirium Tremens & Kusabi – Dream Project Records – – Super Powerful blabla Technology (OUT SOON ON MY WANDERLUST COMPILATION)
12. Virtual Light & @Particular – Electro Obscura (OUT SOON ON MY WANDERLUST COMPILATION)
13. Data Error – Conscious Experience 
14. Dickster / Dick TrevorAjja & Vogon42 – Keed Spills 
15. Avan7 & @FNX – Awaken
16. Chromadhi – Summer Snow 
17. Ninesense & Virtual Light – You Have A Glitchy Face This Morning (Prohecht Rmx) 
18. Faders – Gaia 
19. @Killerwatts & Outsiders – Tsunami of Truth (Menog Remix )
20. M-THEORY & Stereoxide – Rave is Art

Mowgli at Earthdance JHB, via My City By Night

Mowgli is a Psychedelic Trance project by Kyle Johnson, based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Mowgli’s music has been featured on VA’s along names like Microsphere, Shenanigan, XS, Desired Reaction, Balliou, Fobi and Desh, to name a few. Mowgli’s first EP is about to be released on Mansion Records, as well as a few international colabs in the works too.

Kyle aka Mowgli focuses on driving bass lines; anxious atmospheres, playful and excited FX, all brought together with tracing jedi leads and high energy instrumentals.

Mowgli is best suited for the nocturnal members of the tribe, coming in at a driving 147 to 152 bpm range.

1. Shadow Shaman & OxyFlux – Monkey’s Wedding
2. OxyFlux – May The Fungus Be With You
3. Jumpstreet, Rugrats – Tiddy Bouncers
4. Render – Low Extender (Render RMX)
5. Duke & Gonzo vs. PASA – Take a Ride 
6. Rugrats and PASA – To much input
7. Synkronic & Module Virus – Synkronic Virus
8. Veheme & Andromed – Norwegian Omelet
9. Veheme – Psyzza
10. Delirium Tremens – Albert Stole My Bike
11. Braingineers – Mentally Ill
12. Braingineers – Alcononymous
13. Radikal Moodz – Northwild
14. Radikal Moodz – Strange Journey
15. Radikal Moodz – Undergroung Therapy 
16. Microsphere – Take This Pills

Chris Palmer Harvest Moon Psy Set

Harvest Moon Festival was an opportunity to raise funds for an animal sanctuary, including wolves, horses, donkeys, birds, monkeys, goats pigs, dogs and zebra. Some beautiful new wolf cubs had just been born

Beautiful wolf cubs, 3 weeks old.

We also got a chance to meet the adult wolves and feed them in their enclosure. A male and a female Canadian wolf that had been rescued from a place where they weren’t being looked after well.

Mommy and Daddy wolf

The sanctuary houses a lot of rescued animals that were being abused and not well treated. We had a festival to raise some money for their keep and got a chance to interact with them and see how well they are doing.

Male eating salmon, one of the natural foods that wolves hunt.

The wolf puppies had to be taken away from their mother as she had shunned them from the den and they needed to be raised by hand.

The female, the friendlier of the two, checking and smelling everybody

Many wars had been fought in the area many years ago. There are ruins of fortifications around the 2000 hectare farm. An old ox wagon stands next to the river.

Old ox wagon on the farm

A large pool and entertainment area made for a great space to play music and we’ll be back there again soon. Smilin Thru resort, thanks to Morne and Lee-Ann for their hospitality.

Pool and entertainment area

Xabanga – Restructive Interference

Xabanga is the psychedelic trance project of Greek born, South African Lio Mihos, aimed at delivering a focused and completely accidental musical adventure. The music produced in this project is the product of shared knowledge between friends, strangers, curious mates and homies and it is made for the enjoyment of a psychedelic nature.
It was the year 2008, at the tender age of 16 I had just started my venture into DJing techno and investing all of my time in learning how to work these machines called decks. Suddenly it was 2010, I relinquished my drum set and invested in an old but still operational computing unit. This is when my first music project, Vector, was born and is signed with Zulutunes (SA) to date. After experimenting with alternative trance music, the idea of the Xabanga project was created during a tour through Europe in the summer of 2015. This was during my final year at film school in which I specialised in Sound Design for visual projects. Using my knowledge acquired from my time in looniversity and combining it with my journey in Hi Tech trance, Xabanga was a concept that needed to be materialised through the speaker cone. Now, in 2017, Xabanga has been signed to Digital Shamans Records (Swiss) and soon the first EP will release.

In this project you will find riding basslines that groove into cheeky motifs and aggressive leads, followed by designs in spaces that make no sense that project into your brizain.

Swag Monster at Mozamboogy clip

Danny went to his first trance party in 2000 in the spectacular Knysna forests. From that moment, he knew where his musical love would lie.
He then went on to have his own production label in 2007, in addition to doing collaborations with companies such as Lightworx Productions. Fast forward ten years, and Danny is now the co-owner of OneLove Productions, with a firm foot planted in the KZN outdoor scene and rapidly expanding his reach all over South Africa. His musical style and aim with his sets is to combine equal amounts of funk, darkness and light. Versatility is also something Danny prides himself in, and has worked tirelessly to create sets to suite almost any slot on either a Psy or Tech floor. Danny buys all his music in WAV format, so as to assure quality sound output.

What he plays:Dannyboy is a lover of all things Zenonesque, whether it be a deep and dirty tech set or a bouncy dark progressive set. Danny has a thing for the lower, deeper swampier sounds and brings a certain energy to the dance floor that leaves people wanting more.

Chris Palmer Mozamboogy Psy

I got to open the main floor after a rocking opening party on the beach. The huge sound system being blasted for the first time was heard 4 km’s away, so much fun! The floor was packed and it went down a treat, some deep and dark psychedelic journey music.