Offlabel Livestream

Psychedelic Trance at its best, Tony Offlabel is one of the Blacklite Records crew. Creating great tunes and sounds is his craft and he excels at it. Along with his Blacklite Crew mates, they are creating some of the finest Psytrance in the world. This livestream is from an old NATO base in Italy, and contains only original tunes written by himself.

Here is some background:

OffLabel is a psytrance project by Tony Vallini, born and raised in Italy. He started as techno DJ when he was 16, and from 1995 he started as a producer, always taking care to maintain his own style. He found himself drawn into the psytrance world, already having a lot of experience as a Techno artist and party promoter. In 2018 he joined the well known Blacklite Records family, after changing his style. More complex psychedelic sounds, deeper basslines, acid synths and a vast tempo increase, in line with the new trends of the genre. On stage, OffLabel provides a Live Set together with many atmospheric effects and sounds that are created live and on the spot. It is a very engaging show with a powerful music vibes that audiences love.

Location: The former NATO base is scenically located on the top of Monte Giogo. The four huge parabola-shaped antennas give the landscape a surreal and unusual look. The base was in fact a troposcatter base, that is, it served as a military communication bridge during the Cold War. Encrypted codes were transmitted to all of the NATO bases in the Mediterranean, to warn in case of missiles or other threats.

Filming – Editing …….. Francesco Gentili
Crew Assistant ……….. Nicola Razzetto, Simone
Music ………………………. Offlabel
Production ……………… Tony Vallini

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Tundra on Patronus Podcast

Hard and fast psychedelic 🙂


Sense Datum, Dezzert – The Forgettery – SquareLab Music
Oyaji – Ghost Journey – Patronus Records
TerraHertz – Prestidigitation – Patronus Records
Andromed – Hysteria – Woo-Dog Records
Mental Bugs vs Ents – The 3 Caballeros – Predator Records
Oyaji – Sluppy Tentacle – Patronus Records
Synthetik Chaos, Gandhabba – Casual Healings – Timecode/Sangoma
Zz Bing – Moth Womba – Protoned Music
Dezzert – Keep Moving Forward – SquareLab Music
Synthetik Chaos, Sense Datum – Alien Babes – Digital Distortion Records
Creepy Deep, Spirit Shifter, Zorggi – It’s Gonna Be Alright – Psynon Records
Animalien – Garden Of Weeden – Timecode/Sangoma
Drip Drop – Eternal Dancer – Harmonia Records
Endeavour – Astral Freaks – Blacklite Records
Diksha, As a Child – Para Mystica – Paramystical Records
Offlabel – This Or That? – Blacklite Records

Whiptongue and Axial Tilt Liveset

Two legends in the Psy scene, writing and playing great music. Part of the infamous Looney Moon label, a favorite among the Psychedelic Trance crowd. This liveset has some wonderful music, high energy and full of bounce.

Drip Drop at Shankra Festival

One of my favorite Psy acts, Drip Drop writes and plays fabulous music. This a a long 5 hour set with lovely tracks, weaving the listener into a long psychedelic journey. High energy and bouncy psychedelic is the order of the day, makes me wanna jump up and down!

Refinoir Psychedelic Mix

A high energy mix of dark and forest Psytrance. This is high BPM and starts off psychedelic before moving into more Forest style tracks.


1 Pap en Tik (Unreleased) – Mowgli & Shadow Shaman
2 Microlife – Wishi
3 Rosemary Plumes – Act One Download
4 Insanity Blues – Weirdbass and Asimilon Buy Now
5 Social Paranoid – Render and Yabba Dabba Buy Now
6 Gaggalacktical – Sequoya & Daksinamurti Download
7 Manca la Piuma – Astronom & Yohanan Download
8 Out of the Box – Nioka Download
9 Madventure – Psylophonica Download
10 Intelliscience RMX – Braindrop Download

Blackliters Radio #021​ “BERNZ”

Flootation – Fralien Frequencies 00:00
Kabayun – Perpetual Infinity 05:50
Endeavour & Headworks – Chemically Unbalanced 10:30
Headworks – Argy Bhaji 13:25
Spatial Plants – Hypnotherapy 18:35
Yudhisthira – Simply Psychedelic 22:58
Ingrained Instincts & Nektarios – 11 Dimensions 29:29
Endeavour & UkaUka – Mantis 34:40
Fralien Frequencies – Error Plane 39:37
Drip Drop – Drop & Rol 45:07
Shenanigan – Floating Fractals 50:51
Formants & Stereoxide – Sugar Glider 55:58
Drip Drop – Blast Your Mind 62:28
Braincell – Pure Voltage 67:42
Killerwatts & Mandala – Edge of Time (Illumination RMX) 73:34
Inverse Out – Inkkelkinkkel 77:56

Psyclical Atlantis After-Movie

We had a small boutique party just before Lockdown, on the first weekend in February. It was one of the best party’s I’ve ever attended.

Venue: Smoke Backpackers and Lodge
Date: 31st January to 2nd February 2020

Music courtesy of: Mowgli and Act One – Competitive Bricklaying
Refined Theory – Refined Theory

This video serves to immortalise Thandi Brewer and Joe Beggs. Both were instrumental in bringing this party about and both Joe and Thandi will always be remembered for the beautiful venue that is Smoke. Thanks go to Cody, Thandi’s daughter, Papa Joe and Jodi Beggs for their help and contribution.

A special thanks to all of our DJ’s:

Psydewise (Purple Hexagon Records)
Dj Bernz (Blacklite Records)
Plusminus (Organik)
Battlefloor (Growthlight)
Boogy Monsta (Mozamboogy)
Cold Project (Soundmute)
Dannyboy / Swag Monster (OneLove)
Digital Dream (ZuluTunes)
DJ Exebug (Psyballies)
Filtiarn (THO)
Hydro13 (Theory Of 13)
Key To Insaniity (Soma Ritual)
Lunch Money (Subliminal)
Mowgli (Woo-Dog Records)
MRSUB (Subliminal)
Ruckus ZT (ZuluTunes)
Obsessive Progressive (Rank Rave)
Solara (Our Minds)
DJ Thalia (Mermaid Thalia)
Hunta (Darker Dimensions)
Chris Palmer (Darker Dimensions / OneLove)
Stefan d.B. (Technophobia)