Chris Palmer Massive:5th Dimension Dark Prog set

Chris is well versed in the psy-trance scene, having been involved in music since the 90’s. He started his own music Mastering company, by the name of Layered Mastering, and has been involved with many prolific acts with which he provided services to. Some song’s he mastered included the likes of Mandoza’s – Nkalakatha – a huge anthem in the 2000s.

Moving back to his psy-trance Career, he has played at many, many, many Teknotribe & Mansion parties over the years and has pretty much every psy-trance based outdoor in Gauteng from Twilight to Moksha under his belt. He also started thePsyclical brand with Stefan d.B., which saw it grow from a string of weekly indoors in 2018, to an annual outdoor festival in 2020.

His music is incredibly versatile, and he plays a broad range of BPMs in various styles based on what the party requires from Techno to Zenonesque/Psygressive to Full-On and even Forest. He also is a music producer who often plays a lot of his music live in his sets. 

Battlefloor at Psyclical Atlantis

My favourite Battlefloor set ever! Dark Prog, deep and moody, with great energy and flow. Excellent intro tune and great mixing. Well done Vinny! All of the DJ’s we booked at Psyclical Atlantis brought their A-game and the music was outstanding :). Thanks to everyone that joined us.

Eartheogen – Live at Swamp Stage Mo:Dem Festival by TAS Visuals

Such a beautiful day and great vibes at the Swamp Stage at MoDem Festival 2019. I did this video during the live set of my friend Eartheogen / Zenon Records 🔶 amazing Stagedesign by Daniel Popper – artist

😀 Listen to the full set here:…/eartheogen-live-swamp-stage-modem-…
track id:
Zenon Records#modemfestival#modemfestival2019#psyfamily#psytrancefamily

Bazooka Boy Crater Warmup

Bazooka Boy is the Psychedelic Dj act of Hugo Gravito. 
Hugo, having lots of various Electronic music projects, this one focuses on melodic, groovy, intelligent progressive based psychedelic beats.
Having 16 years of experience behind the decks, you can expect his sets to take you on a full-on journey of psychedelic delicacies.
He’s played along side Freedom Fighters, Minimal Criminal, Time Lock, Captain Hook, and Major 7 and Ace Ventura, to name a few.

@nt at Vortex Open Source

@nt is the promoter behind Earthdance Port Elizabeth, the capital of the Eastern Cape, on the East Coast of South Africa. This mix is made up of Zenon sounds, mixing up some dark prog with the extremely psychedelic. This mix was played live at Vortex Open Source, one of the foremost and most intelligent Psychedelic Trance festivals in the world.