Fjaak at Awakenings

Fjaak are a Berlin Techno duo, also known as Aaron Röbig and Felix Wagner.
Aaron and Felix are driven by the emotional connections they find in people and in music.

FJAAK have been producing releasing tracks since 2012. The boys have released two albums, 2017’s Fjaak on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown label and 2018’s Havel on their own FJAAK imprint, as well as created new EPs regularly. They are known for high energy and hard-hitting analogue techno, with a love for big drops, thundering breakbeats and huge synth lines that work your feet, making for a stonking live performance.

Their 2019 raucous performance at Melt! Festival’s Big Wheel stage, a 5-story high, industrial era mining piece, that amplified FJAAK’s banging industrial vibes raucously into the dark sky. 

Aaron and Felix have become staples on the European Techno stages and make me want to dance with their infectious style.

Kiki Solvej in the Bahamas

An afterhour Rave session in the Bahamas, with some stonking Techno and Tech Trance.


00:00 Kiki Solvej – Deutsches Rave Mädchen
04:00 Mark Dekoda – Illusion
06:30 Ascendant Vierge – Influenceur
10:50 Eli Brown – Believe
14:34 Red Scan – Unstable Mind
18:00 Kiki Solvej – Heute Nacht
22:00 Thomas P. Heckmann – Tanzmaschine
26:10 ID – ID
29:22 Joyhauser – Knaldrang
33:33 Radio Slave – Don’t Stop No Sleep (Marco Faraone Remix)
38:13 ID – ID
42:50 Alpha Tracks – Elektra
45:40 Narciss – Blicke
53:15 Nostrum – Brilliant(Hard Trance Version)
58:30 Matrakk – My Drums Hard
1:02:12 Tiësto – Shandar
1:04:20 Nostrum – Polaris

Charlotte de Witte ‘New Form’ V: Universal Consciousness for Beatport Live

A stream from Charlotte De Witte showing some great new Techno.

The Tracklist:

  1. Omis – The Other Time Intro
  2. Charlotte de Witte – Satori
  3. Charlotte de Witte – Universal Consciousness
  4. X CLUB. – Concentrate
  5. Charlotte de Witte – Ahimsa
  6. WNDRLST – End Credits
  7. ID – ID
  8. Exos – Time Of Time
  9. Charlotte de Witte – Kali
  10. ID – ID
  11. Nico Moreno – I’m from 1994 Dude
  12. ID – ID
  13. ID – ID

Enrico Sangiuliano at Awakenings

Some deep and dark Techno from Enrico Sangiuliano at Awakenings.


[00:00] Mattia Saviolo – ID
[6:30] Psyk – First Trail [FIGURE]
[10:00] Wlderz – Algo [SKRYPTOM]
[17:00] Alex Lentini & Stomp Boxx – ID
[24:00] Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) [DIKI]
[30:00] Raito – Hardcore Rave [BROOKLYN FIRE]
[31:00] Enrico Sangiuliano – Missile [ALLEANZA]
[37:00] Enrico Sangiuliano – ID
[43:00] Barbuto – Vantablack (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) [OCTOPUS]
[46:30] Sian – Reverse
[50:30] Enrico Sangiuliano – Symbiosis [DRUMCODE]
[56:30] Maxie Devine – 20 Box [OCTOPUS BLACK]
[1:00:00] Stomp Boxx – Sic Mundo [WAVESKIN YELLOW]
[1:05:00] Alex Lentini – Time to Reflect
[1:10:00] Enrico Sangiuliano – ID
[1:16:00] Bastet – Awakenings [UNRILIS]
[1:21:30] ID – ID
[1:26:00] Ramon Tapia – Tamashi [SAY WHAT?]
[1:33:00] Edge Of Motion – Dimension [EDGE OF MOTION]
[1:37:00] Enrico Sangiuliano – A Further Existence [DRUMCODE]

Amelie Lens in Johannesburg

Part 1

Amelie Lens had a stellar performance last night, at Constitution Hill, in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The stage and production was excellent, and the sound was good. Excellent visuals on stage made the performance great to watch and the energy she brought was magical.

Part 2

I felt that the warm up from the supporting DJ’s was a bit slow in comparison, she took the energy right up and the crowd responded. The venue was packed, but not uncomfortable. Bar service was great and efficient. I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen for a while, it’s great to be back after this 2 year hiatus.

Part 3

The crowd was having lots of fun during her set and I danced more than I have in ages. She started with some older tunes, feeling out the crowd and built her set extremely well, bringing more and more energy into play. It was great to see so many smiles.

Part 4

It was great to finally see her perform live. I’ve been playing and sharing her sets for a long time, and am pleased to say that she is the real deal. She played one of the best Techno sets I have ever heard. The venue was great, with plenty of safe parking in their underground basement.

Part 5

Ivan, from Killer Robot, played after Amelie and played a great set. It is always tough to come on after a big headliner and keep up with their performance. Well done to the whole crew for an excellent production and styling setup. Well done to the crowd for being up for the great Techno and well done to Amelie for bringing such a fabulous performance. I’m a big fan.

Part 6