Swag Monster at Mozamboogy clip


Danny went to his first trance party in 2000 in the spectacular Knysna forests. From that moment, he knew where his musical love would lie.
He then went on to have his own production label in 2007, in addition to doing collaborations with companies such as Lightworx Productions. Fast forward ten years, and Danny is now the co-owner of OneLove Productions, with a firm foot planted in the KZN outdoor scene and rapidly expanding his reach all over South Africa. His musical style and aim with his sets is to combine equal amounts of funk, darkness and light. Versatility is also something Danny prides himself in, and has worked tirelessly to create sets to suite almost any slot on either a Psy or Tech floor. Danny buys all his music in WAV format, so as to assure quality sound output.

What he plays:Dannyboy is a lover of all things Zenonesque, whether it be a deep and dirty tech set or a bouncy dark progressive set. Danny has a thing for the lower, deeper swampier sounds and brings a certain energy to the dance floor that leaves people wanting more.

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