Seeker at Massive Psy

Seeker is the brand new Psy-trance project of Kevin Roberts(VirGearth) from Johannesburg, South Africa. 
Bringing his own unique style of powerful fat basslines, driving psychedelic melodies, cosmic atmospheres.

Kevin is not new the Psy-trance scene. He has been DJing for many years under his VirGearth project, playing at numerous festivals and events around South Africa; most recently, Mandala Madness Vol.4, Revolution 2017/18, Moksha 2017, Wizards of Trance, The Great Escape, Lunartech, Fu-Cha Gathering, Organik, Altered States, Getafix Element Festival, and Safiri Festival, and many more.

He has played alongside some well known international and local artists such as Bionic, Blastoyz, Cylon, Dre’Ama, Kinetika, Kaoss-Kontrol, Headroom, Hippie Mafia, Major7,MRSUB, X Noize, Protoculture, Starspine, Zion Linguist, Killer B, Shift, Hydraglyph, Hydrophonic, DMMT and many more.

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