Refinoir Psychedelic Mix

A high energy mix of dark and forest Psytrance. This is high BPM and starts off psychedelic before moving into more Forest style tracks.


1 Pap en Tik (Unreleased) – Mowgli & Shadow Shaman
2 Microlife – Wishi
3 Rosemary Plumes – Act One Download
4 Insanity Blues – Weirdbass and Asimilon Buy Now
5 Social Paranoid – Render and Yabba Dabba Buy Now
6 Gaggalacktical – Sequoya & Daksinamurti Download
7 Manca la Piuma – Astronom & Yohanan Download
8 Out of the Box – Nioka Download
9 Madventure – Psylophonica Download
10 Intelliscience RMX – Braindrop Download

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