Pig&Dan – Infinity, on Drumcode


Pig&Dan have released their first solo work on Drumcode since 2016, coming in strong with a stirring four-track EP. They are known as one of electronic music’s most prolific artists, moving through different styles of Techno and House over a fifteen year period, showing off a broad collection of taste and talent and keeping themselves high in demand. Their relationship with Drumcode and Adam Beyer has grown over the years, first doing well with a debut EP ‘Mexico’ in 2016, before collaborating with Adam in 2017 on the tremendous ‘Capsule’, a career highlight.

Adding their contribution to last year’s A-Sides compilation ‘La Bruja’ one of the strongest titles on the album, they return with a full-length EP. The title track ‘Infinity’ is a raver’s dream of banging techno, crafted to perfection and overdriven by an undulating melodic lead that soars to an intensely powerful break, before the chords come back and launch the track toward a trippy finale. Vocal cut ‘Losing Part of Me’ is sumptuous, bringing back memories of the massive house and rave anthems, with punchy bass and tight percussion riding along perfectly with the sweet, melodic vocal and light synth melodies.

‘Terrax’ burns along with thick synth leads that build in intensity before suddenly slowing into a series of warm synth interludes, and then slamming back in after the drop. The EP ends with ‘Plex’, as a grooving synth line is glued together with pumping percussion for a big room blast.


1. Pig&Dan – Infinity
2. Pig&Dan – Losing Part of Me
3. Pig&Dan – Terrax
4. Pig&Dan – Plex

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