Morphing Tunes (Forestdelic and Parvati)

As the spring swings in bloom slowly but surely, exciting things are happening in Forestdelic and Parvati records. Mutual understanding and sympathies about psychedelic trance music connected DJ Giuseppe and DJ Oak Tales and the idea of creating something together finally came to fruition. This collection of audio crafts bounds together Parvati and Forestdelic records in a blending showcase of cutting edge sound mastery. 10 tracks by signed artists and friends from both labels are meticulously written for this audio journey with a sole purpose to subtly drive you deep into the world of morphing forms of sound. All tracks have their own unique story, portrayed with powerful bass lines and mystic atmospheres to sharp and twisted leads spiced with organic details. Are you ready to morph yourself in there also? All you need to do is just press play!

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00:00:00 Funday (Original Mix)
00:06:30 Growing Mushroom Ants (Original Mix)
00:13:53 Signals from Inner Space (Original Mix)
00:22:00 Conscious Mutiny (Original Mix)
00:30:06 Fingers Crossed Drury Nevil Remix
00:37:29 Baikonour (Original Mix)
00:44:53 Remnants of Hope (Original Mix)
00:52:53 Perpetual Footprints (Original Mix)
01:00:41 We Met Before (Original Mix)
01:08:41 Chemicalius Maximus (Original Mix)

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