Miles From Mars at Origin Festival

Great new Psytech set recorded at Origin Festival by Miles From Mars. Made up of two of Cape Town’s heavy hitters, Shane Renew and Max Kibble, this duo are creating fabulous music.


  1. Freedom Fighters – Era (Miles From Mars Remix)
  2. luis m – dark side (miles from mars remix)
  3. Deadbeat FM vs Maximilian – civilizations
  4. miles from mars – sensation
  5. alegra – grudge judy (miles from mars remix)
  6. dark design & miles from mars – jungle visions
  7. miles from mars – jive turkey
  8. miles from mars – red eye jedi
  9. miles from mars – riots in my head
  10. Perfect Stranger – Free Cloud (Miles From Mars Remix)
  11. Miles From Mars – Strobe Light
  12. daft punk – da funk (miles from mars remix)
  13. aleckat – scritchy (miles from mars remix)
  14. Miles From Mars – Uprising
  15. miles from mars – native rhythms
  16. electrypnose & hypogeo – fk the android (miles from mars remix)

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