Killer B (Looney Moon) at Vortex

Killer B is the project of Bennie Koorts from South Africa. Killer B is very well known for his skill and versatility behind the decks and unique infectious sound he brings to the dance floor. His mission is to bring you a truly intelligent underground sound with good music and good vibes.

His style is focused on tight beats, groovy rhythms, and twisted psychedelic sounds with profound bass for maximum dance floor vibrations. With experience of over a decade in producing and DJ’ing, his quality of mixing and enthusiasm creates an energetic and zesty impression on the dance floor that is unforgettable, uncompromising and electric.

Killer B has played an integral part in the South African underground music scene since 2000, not only in showcasing the latest music during his DJ sets and live sets, but also by being an event organiser to help promote and expose upcoming artists and create a platform for them to share their music production, and by starting a record label called Amoeba Records (2004) to help promote and grow the South African psy culture from Johannesburg to what it is today. He started mixing on turntables back in the day, playing Techno and Goa and presently plays a variety of styles like Progressive, Techno and mostly underground Psychedelic Trance, thus making him a busy B managing his schedule during the summer seasons with playing at outdoor festivals and clubs, organizing events for Red Eye Productions, as well as being productive in the studio during the winter months. Killer B is also a creative designer with his artwork featured internationally on multiple albums, posters and flyers.
Killer B’s first success was the international vinyl release in 2000, “Minimal Thoughts”, which was signed to the Belgium label Start Stop Records, he went on to release tracks and remixes with labels like Looney Moon Records, Mushroom Mafia Records, Mo:Dem Records, Amoeba Records, Mansion Records, Karana Records, Our Minds and Insectik Records.

Killer B has been part of the Looney Moon crew since their first release with his track “Off My Nut” and followed by his E.P. titled “Psychological Experiment” 

His next E.P. is being released soon with Looney Moon Records and will be exciting news when it release as it’s a long time in the making. 😉 So with one foot in the studio and one foot on stage and one eye on the mixer and the other eye on the dance floor, you are sure to enjoy the interesting journey.

See you on the dancefloor ! Love and Beats ♥

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