IONO Music Podcast #012

Our new Iono-Music April 2019 Podcast is now ready to listen! The show will feature most of the upcoming releases from Iono for the month of April, giving fans a heads up and exclusive teasers – all blended seamlessly into one hypnotic powerful mix by Dj Jensson.

Track list:

  1. Sun – Abyss
  2. Ritmo – At the Beginning (Shibass Remix)
  3. Mindbenderz – Human Form
  4. Dual Vision & IKØN – Mighty Jungle
  5. Divination – Sourcecodes of Reality (IKØN Remix)
  6. Estefano Haze – Are We Alone
  7. Sun – Chasing Horizons
  8. SOME1 – Awake

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