Hauswork on The Spirit Train at AfrikaBurn

This first Spirit Train experience of ours was actually 3 years in the making and, as fate would have it, from every perspective, all the elements came together to make it pure magic.

As Burn virgins, we arrived wide-eyed and bushy tailed, finally, getting to lay eyes (and ears) on the beast that is LOBO (what a beautiful creature it is).

When stepping aboard knew we were home.

The (relatively) warm, windless night and even the delays in operations on the Wednesday, all seemed to play in our favour. A later start in the small hours of Thursday morning meant meeting the challenge of keeping the light-dancers entertained and lift their energy or risk losing them to the darkness of the night (and sleep).

LUPIS and LOBO, arranged to work in unison to encapsulate and mesmerize in invisible amphitheater, demanded it.

Musically our intent was to merge our personal tastes and do our best to fill the playa with sound. Having its tendrils reach out and, hopefully, draw people towards the light.

On a personal level, as DJs and a couple, this set was all the more poignant. Life and travels mean that this will likely have been the last of our infamous back2back sets.

So we wanted to go out with a bang…

When the sound engineer came up and whispered that he was entrusting us with “all the headroom” and we saw the hard-working Spirit Train crew squeezing the last of their juice to have a little sesh and the countless, dusty smiles getting their rave on, we realised, with great gratitude and humility, that we would share in a priceless magical moment, one that marked a new experience for us and also a perfectly fitting send off and end of an era.

We hope this mix continues to bring as much joy as it did out on the playa.

HAUSWORK is a DJ duo combining Ainslie Ford and Nicole Weitsz. A brand originally associated with “all girl” line-up events hosted at the famous Chukkachurri beat bar in Cape Town, South Africa.

As DJ’s both Ainslie and Nicole have an appreciation for sounds crossing various electronic genres. Hauswork as a duo focuses primarily on their housier sounds.

Nicole Weitsz:

A self-confessed late bloomer, it wasn’t until 2007 that old skool club-stalwart Nicole found herself living in a house blessed with turntables, and the bug bit hard.

Quickly grasping the fundamentals of vinyl, timecode and controller interfaces, she found a passion for big room, bass heavy, thumping techno, in direct contrast to the more delicate sounds of her female counterparts.
Frustrated with the politics of trying to work her way in to the scene, she started what became the most successful night ever to feature at the legendary Chukka Churri. The infamous Hauswork name was born. With an all-female line up playing to a packed-out dancefloor, Nicole found a home to refine and develop her rousing sound.

With the closing of Chukka the Hauswork name became the outlet for the housier musings as a back2back partnership with one time mentor, Ainslie Ford, which still continues to rock Cape Town’s dancefloors with a fearless fusion of deeper and techier house. The 8 hour journeys in to dawn at Bullion became a mainstay and the duo still finds themselves regularly on long-set duty to this day.

Nicole’s techno sound has evolved to be as competent opening a floor as closing a party, whilst always remaining accessible to the changing dancefloor landscape. This has contributed to her becoming one of the most regularly booked female DJs in Cape Town.


Ainslie Ford:

Zimbabwean born, Cape Town based DJ, Ainslie Ford, has been involved in the dance music scene since his move to Cape Town in the mid-90’s.

An enthusiastic and somewhat legendary clubber, he took his passion for the electronic sound, (born many years before through his attraction to the musical stylings of the legendary group, Yello) to the decks. 
Originally this was crafted in to a challenging and emotive progressive sound.

After picking up a sound engineering qualification, and a sojourn to the U.K, where his mettle as an artist was tested in various residencies and underground warehouse and squat parties, Ainslie returned to South Africa and successfully plied his skills in Johannesburg.

Returning to Cape Town he got involved with Rhythm is my Bitch, becoming the self-proclaimed “grumpy old man” of the team. He then hosted the Underground Sounds of Cape Town online radio show, and formed the collective of the same name.

Currently he is a regular and resident in some of Cape Town’s nightclubs and his eye is set on promotion of his own events featuring local and international artists who are driving the sound forward.

An outspoken protector of and protagonist for the heart of the scene, his passion in the straight beat sound sweeps across the realms of deep and tech house, tech and techno and this is compiled in to considered sets which reflect his ability to tease, read and lead the listener with surgical precision.


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