Grouch at Universo Paralello

Grouch is a great psychedelic artist. He writes and plays excellent journey music and brought his A-game to Universo Paralello in 2020. A master at moving the crowd, this set is both groovy and full of psychedelic sounds.


Grouch – Dreaming of life
Grouch & Knobs – Quantumplation (Grouch Mix)
Grouch & Tom Cosm – Switch arms (Grouch Mix)
Grouch – Hyperion
Mute – Everyone is Creative (Grouch Rmx)
Mr Squatch & Grouch – Lost in the Forest
Grouch – Corpus Callosum
Hedflux – Catharsis (Grouch Rmx)
Grouch @ Perfect Stranger (Grouch Mix)
Grouch – Orientation Station
Grouch & Dirty Hippy – Smutty Birthday
Grouch – (( Unmamed Unreleased ))
Grouch – Tin Foil Bowler
Grouch – Lets all Ket Along

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