Goa Jonas at Vortex Open Source


After spending 18 hours non-stop on the Vortex dance floor, experiencing some of the best psy ever from Nukleall, Goa Jonas came on and played this set. I experienced it as the best psy set I’ve ever heard. It blew my mind.

DJ Goa Jonas was raised in Goa from the age of 5, 1989 onwards, thus got in contact with Psy-Trance at a very young age. He used to love to watch the DJs playing and when he turned 12 he took the chance to ask one of the older ones if he would teach him. At first playing around with D.A.T. tapes, borrowed from his mentors, he slowly built up his own collection of music, which he presented at the legendary Goan party location Disco Valley in 1997 for the very first time.

From 13-15 Jonas played on many parties all over Goa (Hill Top, South Anjuna Beach, Bamboo Forest, …), but one of the most impressive moments was being a part of the Boom Festival in 1998 in Portugal, just being 14 years old (until today the youngest DJ who ever played on the main floor).

In the beginning of 1999, he left Goa to visit his birthplace Germany, which brought the change from D.A.T. tapes to CDs. In the same year, he attempted to use the new possibility successfully on the Antaris Project festival in Germany. Shortly afterwards he spent a month in Ibiza, where he produced his first track “The Warp” with famous front man Riktam from GMS. It was released in the end of 1999 on T.I.P. Records, alongside the first 1200 Mics track. Before Jonas moved to his home town Hamburg, he shortly visited Goa to play on the big Millennium party at Hill Top. Back home, he finished school and started an apprenticeship, but never gave up playing. A few years later, Jonas returned back to Goa, where he organised his own Psy-Trance parties. Since five years Jonas is living in Berlin, from where he travelled around Europe, playing on many big festivals (Antaris Project, Freqs of Nature, Ozora, Sonica, Blackmoon Festival and many more). This year for the first time, he worked as the booking agent for one of the biggest Psy-Trance festivals in Germany: the Antaris Project. Furthermore, Jonas will be responsible for the musical arrangement of main and alternative floor in 2015.

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