Flower Power Psychedelic Mix


My name is Lili-Rose Elsom I grew up in Wilderness Western Cape amongst the forests in the Garden Route. I was introduced to Psy-trance at a young age in the early 2000 i enjoyed my first festival at Beyond The Moon . My love for music started to blossom as I grew older and realized I could bring joy to the world through music. I have always had so much appreciation for psychedelic psy-trance and how it connects people and nature. Best of all everyone is so happy, peaceful and in complete bliss at the gatherings. A few events that pulled my heart strings were festivals such as Vortex Circle of Dreams , Jungala and Origin besides the gathering in the garden roots that are close to my heart! although during these festivals i saw female artists perform such as Tune Raider , Hegchick and Miazu it was truly inspiring seeing females rock the dance floor as they did. It seemed truly empowering.

Later in life I started gaining interest in Dj-ing . In August 2016 I jumped into the trance scene and gave it a go, I truly found my passion and decided to take things further and performed at gatherings in the Garden Route such as Freaky Forest , Echo Gatherings , Wacky Woods , Earth Dance , Aloe Roots and Hug a Tree Gatherings and from there I have now performed all around South Africa in cities such as Johannesburg , Cape Town And Along the Eastern Cape. I am so content to be working with music and express my sound and work with my creative side to create and inspire!I am excited to continue my work to inspire others in the future & many years to come!

My style would be anything from 138-160 Bpm Psychedelic , Psytrance , Full On , Forest and a variety of other genres my love for trance goes far and wide! my preferences / Favorites are artists such as Chris Rich, Animalien, Audioglyph , Ingrained Instincts , Ninescense and Oksha they inspire me with their groovy flowing bass lines with a psychedelic atmosphere filled with excitement that is perfect for outdoor experiences.

The festivals are filled with creative and expressive art resembling a journey that inspired me to step into my creative side to express myself through art and structure a journey of sound by putting together gatherings where people can feel free to express,create,love and inspire others. I truly feel that creating Psytrance gatherings, I would be able to make a positive impact on our local community. In 2018 I hosted my own gathering called ;Universal Alignment where I got to express my creativity and structure a sound journey where I felt completely connected to everything around me where I felt amazed how I could create a place where there was harmony and bliss where people can get lost in the music and different expressive arts.

I am truly dedicated to these gatherings and what it resembles . Ultimate bliss and freedom a time to set all worries aside. I love what I do

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