Fjaak at Awakenings

Fjaak are a Berlin Techno duo, also known as Aaron Röbig and Felix Wagner.
Aaron and Felix are driven by the emotional connections they find in people and in music.

FJAAK have been producing releasing tracks since 2012. The boys have released two albums, 2017’s Fjaak on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown label and 2018’s Havel on their own FJAAK imprint, as well as created new EPs regularly. They are known for high energy and hard-hitting analogue techno, with a love for big drops, thundering breakbeats and huge synth lines that work your feet, making for a stonking live performance.

Their 2019 raucous performance at Melt! Festival’s Big Wheel stage, a 5-story high, industrial era mining piece, that amplified FJAAK’s banging industrial vibes raucously into the dark sky. 

Aaron and Felix have become staples on the European Techno stages and make me want to dance with their infectious style.

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