Endeavour at Mundo De Oz, Brazil


Endeavour is the psychedelic trance project by Iván Gonzalez, computer geek and sound designer born and raised in México. He has been involved into music since his childhood and he soon discovered the psytrance scene, which is now his primary passion and artistic expression. He spends most of his time writing music, trying to improve his producing skills and experimenting new ideas, with the aim of exciting people and injecting them pure energy on the dancefloor. He is nowadays well-known in the local scene, for the quality and maturity of his music, which reflects the knowledge he acquired through the years. His creativity and his understanding of audio manipulation enabled Endeavour to start collaborations with the best psytrance labels all over the world. The Endeavour project wants to bring all the listeners, dancers and fans, an intelligent and unique psychedelic trance experience, and its power has already led him to perform at numerous events in Europe & Brazil. He choose to become part of the Blacklite Records crew and to release his debut album – currently in process and expected in early 2015 – in order to spread his twisted psytrance all over the world. Follow Endevour and discover all the news about him!

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