Elberg – Play on Zenon Records

Some new Psytech from Elberg on Zenon Records. Solid grooves and interesting sounds, with lovely bass sounds.


‘Play’ by Elberg, is a futuristic musical expedition that ventures through numerous terrains and genres, merging different states of art into a cohesive electronic-psychedelic experience. In his music, Elberg creates an incredibly deep and dramatic atmosphere that also showcases tasteful sparks of wit and humour. The result is a cohesive piece of art that leads listeners through a theatrical auditory journey. Elberg’s impressive debut album aspires to soundscape electronic trance dancefloors, and revitalise modern psytrance culture.

1. Prologue
2. Guilty Pleasure
3. Galub Jamun
4. Once Upon a Time
5. Kilonova
6. Morning Sunshine
7. No.2
8. Glances
9. Light
10. Mr. Nobody

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