DJ Misaki – Run through the times mix for Trancentral

DJ Misaki is a Japanese DJ and Festival Promoter, signed to one of my favourite PsyTrance labels, Blacklite Records. She just released a new VA compilation called “Psychedelic Connection” which includes some awesome tracks. Here’s a recent mix she did for Trancentral.

00:00:00 Sun69 – AZS Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
00:07:35 Out World – The Far side (Believe Lab)
00:12:07 Endeavour – Astral Freaks Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
00:16:59 Frostbite – Midnight Simulation Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
00:21:57 K i M – Party In The Woods Algorika Remix Buy Now (Grasshopper Records)
00:26:17 Double Helix – Black Magic (Prohecht Remix) (Grasshopper Records)
00:32:07 Gigi – Dino Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
00:36:00 Virtual Light – Sine Language Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
00:41:25 Frostbite Rezonant – Boomerang Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
00:45:44 Chromatone – ChrOhm Grown Buy Now (Maharetta Records)
00:50:56 Gigi – Black Hole Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
00:55:02 Formantz – Dissolve Buy Now (Sonica Recordings)
00:59:48 D-ther – Boenke Buy Now (Boundless Records)
01:04:26 Majide – Keep Yourself alive Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
01:09:18 Galactic Explorers – Universe Genesis (ANR)
01:12:46 Nukleall Ingrained Instincts – Sophia Buy Now (Blacklite Records)
01:18:10 Everblast – Massive Unity (Double Helix Remix) (Grasshopper Records)
01:22:10 Spatial Plants – Vesna Buy Now (Blacklite Records)

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