Dekel at Vortex Festival Of Fire

The phenomena of DEKEL is not easy to explain in words, but when you listen to his music, everything adds up. Every track of the ‘Junior Shaman’ It is a perfect combination of tension and intelligent beat drops wrapped with a deep psychedelic atmosphere. In a very short time since launching the project, DEKEL managed to create a real sound signature and a solid fan base.

His 1st EP ‘Technoid’ was one of the most successful debut releases in the history of HOMmega records and DEKEL became a local sensation in the Israeli scene. The EP was followed by deep banger tunes like ‘Magneto’ and ‘Twister’ which gave DEKEL an international recognition. DEKEL is already touring excessively around the world and 2019 is expected to be a very busy year for him as the work on his anticipated debut album is already in process as well.

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