Daksinamurti live set at Maleficarum

Daksinamurti writes great Psytrance. His music is very psychedelic, taking listeners on a journey, with great flow. His transitions are seamless and he brings a story to his sets.


00:00:00 Daksinamurti – N.N (unrel)
00:06:16 Ingrained Instincts and Daksinamurti – Hippie Hill Buy Now
00:12:54 Babagoon and Daksinamurti – Sangoma Healing Buy Now
00:18:13 Doom’s and Daksinamurti – Hangover Buy Now (Sangoma)
00:23:50 Daksinamurti – Howl Buy Now (Sangoma)
00:30:07 Konebu and Daksinamurti – No Moon Buy Now (Sangoma)
00:37:52 Lemurians and Daksinamurti – Saberstick Buy Now (Sangoma)
00:43:10 Daksinamurti – NN (unrel)
00:48:42 Daksinamurti and Cosinus – Iruka Buy Now
00:54:02 Cosinus and Daksinamurti – All things must Pass Buy Now (Sangoma)
01:01:09 Daksinamurti – N.N (unrel)
01:07:56 Analog Anarchists and Daksinamurti – Alerta Buy Now (Sangoma)
01:14:30 Daksinamurti and Purist and Cosinus – Lets Shiva Dance Buy Now (Parvati)


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