Chris Palmer Psytrance set at Crater Gathering Festival

Crater Gathering Festival this past weekend was a scorcher. Situated on the Vaal River just outside Vredefort, in the Orange Free State, South Africa, the venue was beautiful. People spotted a leopard on the other side of the river, and I spotted a large 1.2 meter monitor lizard out looking for it’s lunch.

The pool was packed most of the day, as temperatures ranged from 9 degrees celcius in the night to 37 degrees in the day. Sweltering hot! Tubes and boats were rented and taken down the river.

The line-up was top, with 3 dj’s from the Our Minds label in Cape Town, headlining the event.

The full line-up

I played my set after ABRA, on Saturday morning, 4.30am. The visuals were incredible. Here’s a short clip in my set:

Well done to Gary Harvey for the great visuals! A great Return of the Third Eye for Crater Gathering.

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