Chris Palmer Harvest Moon Psy Set

Harvest Moon Festival was an opportunity to raise funds for an animal sanctuary, including wolves, horses, donkeys, birds, monkeys, goats pigs, dogs and zebra. Some beautiful new wolf cubs had just been born

Beautiful wolf cubs, 3 weeks old.

We also got a chance to meet the adult wolves and feed them in their enclosure. A male and a female Canadian wolf that had been rescued from a place where they weren’t being looked after well.

Mommy and Daddy wolf

The sanctuary houses a lot of rescued animals that were being abused and not well treated. We had a festival to raise some money for their keep and got a chance to interact with them and see how well they are doing.

Male eating salmon, one of the natural foods that wolves hunt.

The wolf puppies had to be taken away from their mother as she had shunned them from the den and they needed to be raised by hand.

The female, the friendlier of the two, checking and smelling everybody

Many wars had been fought in the area many years ago. There are ruins of fortifications around the 2000 hectare farm. An old ox wagon stands next to the river.

Old ox wagon on the farm

A large pool and entertainment area made for a great space to play music and we’ll be back there again soon. Smilin Thru resort, thanks to Morne and Lee-Ann for their hospitality.

Pool and entertainment area

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