Chris Palmer at Psyclical Du Fractel

Wow!!! I’m so proud of what we managed to accomplish at Du Fractel this weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who supported us. There was magic everywhere.

A special thanks to our crew, Terence WilliamsStefan De BeerShayne NowikowPaul BirnbaumStar Geewiz and our door staff. Thanks to Cody Locks Caprari and Thandi Brewer for the beautiful venue. Thanks to the OneLove Productions and Gasmic Audio for the wonderful sound rig, Craig JohnsonNic Best and Danny Beneke, it kicks ass! Also thanks to Megan Wallace and Courtney Marie Bone for your support.

To the DJ’s, you were all on top form! Altum AnimoNic BestDanny BenekeAntony De BruinTerence WilliamsGwen CraigThorneTim HunterNicholas Ruckus BouwerGareth WatsonRoman SergeyStefan De Beer and Kevin Roberts, thank you all for the music!

Thank you to Johan En Annamarie Moller, Oupa en Ouma Trance for all the love, was lovely to introduce you to the Jozi Psy Family.

Thanks to our food vendors, our cleaners and bar staff. Everything ran like clockwork. Thanks to Jody Beggs and Papa Joe for your help with the generators.

You all made me so proud! I’m looking forward to the next one with glee. Much love to all of you. Lastly, to my love, Jerry Jourdan, thank you for your patience and love. You have no idea how much you are appreciated. Take care all of you and have a fantastic week!

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