Ben Bohmer Essential Mix

Ben Bohmer doing his first essential mix. Wonderful tunes.


  1. Martin Kohlstedt – GOL
  2. Ben Böhmer – Beyond Beliefs
  3. Rostam – From The Back Of A Cab (Ben Böhmer Remix)
  4. Aiiso – Refracting Light
  5. DJ Seinfeld – U
  6. Robot Koch ft. Delhia De Frace – Reach (Chi Thanh Remix)
  7. Sascha Funke – Mango
  8. FC Kahuna ft. Hafdís Huld – Hayling (ID Remix)
  9. Jamie XX – Hold Tight
  10. Kölsch & Michael Mayer – Dogma 1
  11. Matador – Moonman
  12. Ben Böhmer – Fade To Blue
  13. Icarus ft. Aurora – Home
  14. Ben Böhmer ft. Jonah – Escalate
  15. ID – ID
  16. ID – ID
  17. ID – ID
  18. Max Cooper – Four Tone Reflections
  19. Groj – Love You Do
  20. Ben Böhmer ft. Gordi – Slow Wave
  21. Ben Böhmer – A Matter Of Time
  22. Ben Böhmer – In Memoriam (Outro Mix)

Fjaak at Boiler Room AVA Festival

Fjaak have been making waves in the Techno world. They play tough and uncompromising sets, as well as produce great music.

Tracklist — Comment below if you know any ID’s 🙂
0:41 Elektrochemie LK – Schall (Remix)
01:57 Knarz – Tanzmaschine
2:25 Kamaflarge – Disco Tamination
4:58 Kettama – Did I Tell You
8:50 FJAAK – ID (Unreleased)
12:02 FJAAK – Lehmann
15:58 FJAAK – Underdawg
19:11 DJ Bogdan – Love Inna Basement (Midnite XTC)
22:38 ID – ID
25:40 ID – ID (Unreleased)
28:59 ID – ID
32:33 Tommy Holohan – Subaru Impreza
37:04 Raredub & Kink ft. SREBREV – How The Fire Started feat. SREBREV (Dub)
41:25 Asquith – Rave Til Dawn
46:22 FJAAK – Lovers (Unreleased Tresor 30 Album)
51:41 FJAAK – Highrise 49
57:37 FJAAK – ID (to be released on FJAAK008)
1:02:25 FJAAK – District 8
1:07:00 Stranger – Rok Da Place
1:09:58 Overmono – So U Know
1:15:04 Randomer – Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix)
1:20:19 FJAAK – ID
1:23:03 2000 and One – Kawasaki
1:27:03 FJAAK – Rough and Ready

Bob Moses – Falling Into Focus

I loved this show. The music is fabulous, the venue is spectacular and the production is top notch. I had never heard of Bob Moses before I saw this live stream. Great songs and great band. Their style is Melodic Techno and the production of their tracks is superb. The performance in this show is stunning, starting off with just two of them, then joining the whole band at a later stage. It was one of the best live streams I’ve watched during this whole two year lockdown that we’ve experienced.

Bob Moses have definitely become part of my watch list. Their songs are beautiful and moving. Laid back and danceable, I could imagine watching them at a burn festival like Burning Man. If you like danceable melodies and soaring vocals, Bob Moses will be right up your alley.

00:00 1. Love We Found
07:06 2. The Blame
13:39 3. Desire
19:31 4. Hold Me Up
21:55 5. Outlier
26:43 6. Ordinary Day
32:08 7. Heaven Only Knows
37:59 8. Talk
44:47 9. Back Down
48:55 10. All I Want
55:01 11. Tearing Me Up
01:02:39 12. Enough To Believe

All tracks are available on these links from Amazon:

The Club at the Edge of the Universe – Episode 3 : Feat – BERNZ

Chris Palmer Play Melodic Techno Set

My set at Play at Chicago’s Fourways on Friday night. We had a great crowd of people and the music was fabulous. Melodic Techno all night. Really beautiful music. Thanks to Rusty, SpoCe and DJ Vee for their sets. Next one is on the 21st of Feb.

Chris Palmer Vortex Techno

This was one of my best sets and I’m so glad I played it at Vortex. Vortex is a favourite on my calendar. After moving to a new venue this year, with tons of drama from people trying to stop the party, the Vortex crew has surpassed themselves! The new venue is even better than the old, in a beautiful Blue Gum Tree forest.

The new dance floor in the forest

So much fun was had by all. I managed to lose my wallet on Saturday, always a stupid thing to do. Someone handed it in and I managed to get it back on Sunday, with all my card and drivers license in! The community and friendly vines there are phenomenal, make a plan to get there next year.

Dala & Regan at Origin Festival

Stoked to finally be able to share this epic journey of NANO RECORDS nooizes that myself and brother from another mother, Regan Nano, wove together at the Origin Festival in Cape Town earlier this year 

…truly was a magical 2-minds-meld-into-1 experience and looking forward to many more merry blasts together in the time ahead

..Keep updated with all things Origin…
>> @origin_1453129515366

20 years of Nano Records in 2020

20 years of @nano_records soon…
How did we get here so fast ?!!
What a ride it has been so far, and next year will be off the charts!!

To celebrate we will host special events all around the world! 🎶

Watch this space for more on which countries and dates!
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Chris Palmer – Monday Morning Drive by Darker Than White

A mix that I did for the Darker Than White Monday Morning Drive podcast, containing a few of my productions, mashups and remixes, as well as some of my favourite tracks.

It’s not often I do mixes like this, hope you get some enjoyment out of it 🙂

Endeavour at Mundo De Oz, Brazil

Endeavour is the psychedelic trance project by Iván Gonzalez, computer geek and sound designer born and raised in México. He has been involved into music since his childhood and he soon discovered the psytrance scene, which is now his primary passion and artistic expression. He spends most of his time writing music, trying to improve his producing skills and experimenting new ideas, with the aim of exciting people and injecting them pure energy on the dancefloor. He is nowadays well-known in the local scene, for the quality and maturity of his music, which reflects the knowledge he acquired through the years. His creativity and his understanding of audio manipulation enabled Endeavour to start collaborations with the best psytrance labels all over the world. The Endeavour project wants to bring all the listeners, dancers and fans, an intelligent and unique psychedelic trance experience, and its power has already led him to perform at numerous events in Europe & Brazil. He choose to become part of the Blacklite Records crew and to release his debut album – currently in process and expected in early 2015 – in order to spread his twisted psytrance all over the world. Follow Endevour and discover all the news about him!