Dala & Regan at Origin Festival



Stoked to finally be able to share this epic journey of NANO RECORDS nooizes that myself and brother from another mother, Regan Nano, wove together at the Origin Festival in Cape Town earlier this year 

…truly was a magical 2-minds-meld-into-1 experience and looking forward to many more merry blasts together in the time ahead

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20 years of Nano Records in 2020

20 years of @nano_records soon…
How did we get here so fast ?!!
What a ride it has been so far, and next year will be off the charts!!

To celebrate we will host special events all around the world! 🎶

Watch this space for more on which countries and dates!
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Chris Palmer – Monday Morning Drive by Darker Than White


A mix that I did for the Darker Than White Monday Morning Drive podcast, containing a few of my productions, mashups and remixes, as well as some of my favourite tracks.

It’s not often I do mixes like this, hope you get some enjoyment out of it 🙂

Endeavour at Mundo De Oz, Brazil


Endeavour is the psychedelic trance project by Iván Gonzalez, computer geek and sound designer born and raised in México. He has been involved into music since his childhood and he soon discovered the psytrance scene, which is now his primary passion and artistic expression. He spends most of his time writing music, trying to improve his producing skills and experimenting new ideas, with the aim of exciting people and injecting them pure energy on the dancefloor. He is nowadays well-known in the local scene, for the quality and maturity of his music, which reflects the knowledge he acquired through the years. His creativity and his understanding of audio manipulation enabled Endeavour to start collaborations with the best psytrance labels all over the world. The Endeavour project wants to bring all the listeners, dancers and fans, an intelligent and unique psychedelic trance experience, and its power has already led him to perform at numerous events in Europe & Brazil. He choose to become part of the Blacklite Records crew and to release his debut album – currently in process and expected in early 2015 – in order to spread his twisted psytrance all over the world. Follow Endevour and discover all the news about him!

Noemi Black Technical Vibe 087


Noemi Black is a born in Poland young Techno Djane. She loves heavy, industrial sounds thats why she always was fascinated in TECHNO music. In her DJ set’s and podcast’s you can hear everything that is the best in TECHNO genere.

She began her career in Poland. Noemi played at many events across the country, especially: Magnetic Sounds (Poznan), Mental Asylum Night (Warsaw), Audiolake Festival (Radkow), Electronic Festival (Krakow), Silesia in Love (Chorzow) and on many club events.

In 2014 she moved to Germany and here continues her career. During her musical adventures she had the opportunity to meet and play together with: Klaudia Gawlas, Drumcomplex, Niereich, Hackler&Kuch, Fatima Haji, Marika Rossa, Alex Bau, Ramiro Lopez, Dominik Eulberg, Kerstin Eden, Sven Wittekind, Björn Torwellen, Mike Vath and many more.

On March 2013 Noemi runs her own radio show called “Technical Vibe” which is broadcast on Digitally Imported Radio and many more international radio stations. In this podcast she captivates Her fans with the most interesting track’s wider range of techno music. By partnering with major music labels from around the world Noemi has access to unreleased tracks, which also promotes in Her radio podcasts.

Chris Palmer Lucidity Techno Set


Everything just went right

This was one of those rare sets where everything just goes right. They don’t happen very often, but when they do, they create a new kind of energy on the dancefloor. Everyone can feel the absolute elation in the DJ and that cannot be faked. When one has a set like that, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been DJing or how many bad days you’ve had that week. All that matters is the smiles in the crowd and the joy in your heart.

Hauswork on The Spirit Train at AfrikaBurn

This first Spirit Train experience of ours was actually 3 years in the making and, as fate would have it, from every perspective, all the elements came together to make it pure magic.

As Burn virgins, we arrived wide-eyed and bushy tailed, finally, getting to lay eyes (and ears) on the beast that is LOBO (what a beautiful creature it is).

When stepping aboard knew we were home.

The (relatively) warm, windless night and even the delays in operations on the Wednesday, all seemed to play in our favour. A later start in the small hours of Thursday morning meant meeting the challenge of keeping the light-dancers entertained and lift their energy or risk losing them to the darkness of the night (and sleep).

LUPIS and LOBO, arranged to work in unison to encapsulate and mesmerize in invisible amphitheater, demanded it.

Musically our intent was to merge our personal tastes and do our best to fill the playa with sound. Having its tendrils reach out and, hopefully, draw people towards the light.

On a personal level, as DJs and a couple, this set was all the more poignant. Life and travels mean that this will likely have been the last of our infamous back2back sets.

So we wanted to go out with a bang…

When the sound engineer came up and whispered that he was entrusting us with “all the headroom” and we saw the hard-working Spirit Train crew squeezing the last of their juice to have a little sesh and the countless, dusty smiles getting their rave on, we realised, with great gratitude and humility, that we would share in a priceless magical moment, one that marked a new experience for us and also a perfectly fitting send off and end of an era.

We hope this mix continues to bring as much joy as it did out on the playa.


HAUSWORK is a DJ duo combining Ainslie Ford and Nicole Weitsz. A brand originally associated with “all girl” line-up events hosted at the famous Chukkachurri beat bar in Cape Town, South Africa.

As DJ’s both Ainslie and Nicole have an appreciation for sounds crossing various electronic genres. Hauswork as a duo focuses primarily on their housier sounds.

Nicole Weitsz:

A self-confessed late bloomer, it wasn’t until 2007 that old skool club-stalwart Nicole found herself living in a house blessed with turntables, and the bug bit hard.

Quickly grasping the fundamentals of vinyl, timecode and controller interfaces, she found a passion for big room, bass heavy, thumping techno, in direct contrast to the more delicate sounds of her female counterparts.
Frustrated with the politics of trying to work her way in to the scene, she started what became the most successful night ever to feature at the legendary Chukka Churri. The infamous Hauswork name was born. With an all-female line up playing to a packed-out dancefloor, Nicole found a home to refine and develop her rousing sound.

With the closing of Chukka the Hauswork name became the outlet for the housier musings as a back2back partnership with one time mentor, Ainslie Ford, which still continues to rock Cape Town’s dancefloors with a fearless fusion of deeper and techier house. The 8 hour journeys in to dawn at Bullion became a mainstay and the duo still finds themselves regularly on long-set duty to this day.

Nicole’s techno sound has evolved to be as competent opening a floor as closing a party, whilst always remaining accessible to the changing dancefloor landscape. This has contributed to her becoming one of the most regularly booked female DJs in Cape Town.


Ainslie Ford:

Zimbabwean born, Cape Town based DJ, Ainslie Ford, has been involved in the dance music scene since his move to Cape Town in the mid-90’s.

An enthusiastic and somewhat legendary clubber, he took his passion for the electronic sound, (born many years before through his attraction to the musical stylings of the legendary group, Yello) to the decks. 
Originally this was crafted in to a challenging and emotive progressive sound.

After picking up a sound engineering qualification, and a sojourn to the U.K, where his mettle as an artist was tested in various residencies and underground warehouse and squat parties, Ainslie returned to South Africa and successfully plied his skills in Johannesburg.

Returning to Cape Town he got involved with Rhythm is my Bitch, becoming the self-proclaimed “grumpy old man” of the team. He then hosted the Underground Sounds of Cape Town online radio show, and formed the collective of the same name.

Currently he is a regular and resident in some of Cape Town’s nightclubs and his eye is set on promotion of his own events featuring local and international artists who are driving the sound forward.

An outspoken protector of and protagonist for the heart of the scene, his passion in the straight beat sound sweeps across the realms of deep and tech house, tech and techno and this is compiled in to considered sets which reflect his ability to tease, read and lead the listener with surgical precision.


Marcel Dettmann – BBC Radio1 Residency


DJ and producer Marcel Dettmann is recognised as one of the most influential proponents of contemporary techno. Widely associated with iconic trademarks including Berlin, Berghain and Hard Wax, Dettmann stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of electronic music, integrating art with the scene.

Raised in the former GDR, in a small town near Berlin, Dettmann had already begun to develop his passion for electronic music in his youth. Bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Front 242, as well as post-punk and industrial, count as his earliest influences, long before he discovered his affinity for techno. His hometown lacked a record store specialising in electronic music, so between 1995 and 1998 Dettmann began selling vinyl from his own home. He purchased records from various distributers, Hard Wax amongst others, both to resell to his friends and to cement the foundation for his own considerable collection.

Like many of his friends, the mid-nineties saw Dettmann frequenting Berlin’s nightlife. This included club institutions E-Werk and Tresor where the resident DJs of that time aroused his passion for the Chicago and Detroit influenced sound. In 1999, after many (including self-organised) parties, his turning point came; Dettmann began to work as a resident DJ at Ostgut, Berghain’s predecessor. Shortly thereafter upon receiving a job offer from Hard Wax, he finally moved to Berlin. His apprenticeship as a vinyl buyer and seller as well as DJ, granted him an extensive depth of musical knowledge and intuition.

Dettmann quests tirelessly for new ways and inspiration to further develop his own concept of electronic music. His label MDR (Marcel Dettmann Records) serves as a platform upon which to shape his musical vision, and through its releases, to launch new talent onto the techno scene. As a curator and producer, Dettmann fosters the call to create in a way which is equally timeless and innovative. His own releases comprise two albums on Ostgut Ton, numerous singles and remixes for artists of various genres – Junior Boys, Fever Ray, Moderat, Commix, Clark and Laibach to name a few. Furthermore, he has produced compilation albums for London’s fabric club, Berlin’s Berghain, the Belgian techno label Music Man and one issue of the DJ Kicks compilation series on !K7 imprint. 

Outside of the club context, Marcel Dettmann has established himself as a multi-faceted artist. He designed the sound concept for „New Works“, an exhibition of photographer Frederike von Rauch, contributed to the contemporary dance project „Masse“ – together with Frank Wiedemann and choreographer Nadja Saidakowa in cooperation with Berghain and the Berlin State Ballet. His single “Seduction feat. Emika” provided the soundtrack to director and screenwriter Parker Ellerman’s short film of the same name.

As a passionate DJ and one of the faces of Berghain, Dettmann seeks to inspire his listeners with sounds both reduced and rough, balanced by emotional and surprising moments throughout his sets. Between pure techno, banging Chicago, tracks old and new of the past twenty-five years, Marcel Dettmann communicates his message with an apparent effortlessness.

Sourone Temple Movement Mix


Sourone (Michal Kalinowski) is a one person musical project focused on widely understood electronic music . His fascination with electronic music took from a young age, but he started production in 2005. Since then, he’s in love with sequences ,envelopes and automations. His work is characterized by two poles. The first revolves around a progressive minimal and tech trance, which seeks to draw from the various, sometimes very different forms like dubstep, electro, and even amen d’n’b . Very easy to notice his fascination with glitch. In this matter Sourone had an honor to release on compilations on some bigger labels. The second pole of his music is melodic, broken electronics – idm, minimal dnb. from this side u can feel his distinctive flow, but the form itself is different from the opposite pole. “evil” factor and the dark harmony is replaced by the light side. The two poles are inspired by each other, and sometimes penetrating through synergy, new ideas and new sounds. Also as Enoruos – his side project – he is creating abstract and melodic experimental .
Sourone launched his live act in 2008 when he played his first live performance. Since then he had opportunity to appear on lotsa line ups.

Kölsch at Garden Of Madness, Tomorrowland Winter


Dear People of Tomorrow, There is a myth about an uncommon flower

Carrying the true essence of Winter

So powerful it had to be protected from mankind

Once this lotus blossoms it releases thousands of frozen crystals

Guided by their desire to unlock the beauty of winter

In 2019 on a location high in the French mountains a new tale in the history of Tomorrowland will be written:

“The hymn of the frozen lotus”

Tomorrowland Winter 13 – 14 – 15 March 2019 Alpe d’Huez – France

Elysium Festival over Easter

OneLove productions is proud to present to you our pre Elsyium 2019 movie… We are super blessed to be able to host Kliment and Once Upon a Time on his first trip to South Africa.. Our lineup of music and activities, combined with the most beautiful surrounding imaginable will ensure you have a life changing experience..

Posted by OneLove Productions on Monday, 11 March 2019


OneLove productions is proud to present to you our pre Elsyium 2019 movie… We are super blessed to be able to host Kliment and Once Upon a Time on his first trip to South Africa.. Our lineup of music and activities, combined with the most beautiful surrounding imaginable will ensure you have a life changing experience..


With a brand new year comes our second edition of Elysium. Ready yourself for a trip down the rabbit hole into a world of art, music, crafts and culture like no other. OneLove Productions holds this event and magical place very dear to our hearts, and we invite you to come and share in the magic of this wonderland with us.

The word Elysium has many meanings. Majority of them all depicting a vision of paradise and Beauty. It could also mean a place where certain heroes depicted by the gods, would go in the afterlife.
Elysium festival is no different. Nestled in the iron hills of the Mkomazi valley, Hella Hella truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Situated right on the banks of the Mkomazi river, Hella Hella has so much to offer the people that go there. From trail walks, hikes, fishing and canoeing. Activities are endless in the area.
This is why we have chosen this majestic place to gather and bring to you, what is sure to be one of the best electronic music, arts and crafts experiences of your lives.
OneLove productions soul function and purpose is to bring you the best electronic acts from around the country, and to do it in a safe, beautiful and like-minded environment. All that is left for you the festival goer to do, is arrive, pitch a tent and party your little socks off.

❤️OneLove ALT FLOOR❤️

Perched in amongst the trees, the OneLove ALT floor will be host to a variety of different genres of electronic music and top acts from around the country. Due to popular demand we will incorporate a little night of Drum & Bass into the mix. The decor will be taken care of by Onelove, out of our personal inventory of decor.

❤️OneLove MAIN FLOOR❤️

Nestled right along side the Mkomazi river, the OneLove Psyfloor will play host to some of SA’s top producers and artists, and for the first time host our very first international artist Kliment from Zenon Records as well his alias @Once Upon A Time. Decor will be taken care of by Atmosphere Decor, and this year you are guaranteed to be wowed with the plans we have in the pipeline.

So without further ado, OneLove productions would like to present to you our lineup for Elysium Festival 2019



Kliment ( Zenon Records ) – BULGARIA
Once Upon a Time (Blue Hour Sounds/Forestdelic records) BUL
KILLER B ( Looneymoon Records / Our Minds ) – GR
KAbi ( Zenon Records / OurMinds Records ) – GR
Sonicdruid ( Zenon Records / OurMinds Records ) – GR
Tersius Kabi ( OurMinds Records ) – GR
Psydewise ( Purple Hexagon Records / OurMinds Records )- GR
Tystix (OurMinds Records / Tecnhophobia Records)
DAN SCOT ( Nexus Media ) CT
Plastic Vision ( Kaos Krew Records ) – CT
DeFuse – CT
Boogy Monsta ( Departure Lounge ) – JHB
TerraMoon ( Kaos Krew Records ) – CT
Manifesto ( Mansion Records ) – JHB
Chris Palmer ( Mansion Records / Teknotribe ) – JHB
STEREO FICTION ( Amoeba Records ) – GR
SEBOTAGE ( Teknotribe ) – JHB
Jahmanji psy ( Mansion Records ) – JHB
Mantra ( Mansion Records ) – JHB
Void – JHB
Dub’Defect & Nia BlaQ( Koots & Noisy Nose Record)
Solara – Uroboros Records – JHB
Up Rize – GR
Stefan De Beer – Psyclical – JHB
Senjo – Teknotribe – JHB
Carbon8 – CT
Psy.Min.Tech – JHB
Shadow Shaman – JHB
Gonzo – DJ – X7m Records – CT
Pangea – Technophobia Records & Mindspring Music


Team BadAss
Chemikult – Amadeadly ( Amadeadly Productions )
Lee Human ( Psyforia Project )
Dannyboy / Swag Monster ( OneLove Productions )
Hunta ( Darker Dimensions )
Savage koala / nic best ( OneLove Productions )
Dripson ( OneLove Productions )
SWAG MONSTER ( OneLove Productions )
Dj Budhu ( OneLove Productions )
LIGHT CHANGES ( OneLove productions )
Daunya ( OneLove Productions )
Doisenbra/Dassie ( OneLove productions )

More TBA !!


Details : https://www.hellahella.net/

Email : info@hellahella.net

Tel : 0721371725 : Roslynn

If you experience any difficulties contacting the venue, please do not hesitate to contact OneLove Productions on 0608204519 or email us at oneloveproductionssa@gmail.com


From Durban take the N3 towards Pietermaritzburg. BEFORE entering Pietermaritzburg, take the R603 (Umlaas Road/Richmond exit), and as you come off the exit, turn right onto the R603 towards Richmond – 29kms away. After about 5kms, there is a fork in the road, keep left towards Richmond – this is the R56. Take the turn-off into Richmond (NOT the first sign that says Richmond Hospital). Drive directly through Richmond along Shepstone Street, and 1km out of town take the left hand turn to Hella Hella. Continue on tar for 15km and then wind down into the valley on an excellent gravel road. After 22kms, you will see the entrance to the Hella Hella Adventure Centre Our gate on your left (approx 500m before the Mkomazi River). If you get to the river, you have gone too far !!

Hella Hella Adventure Centre can also be reached by following the Hella Hella signs on the Ixopo / Donnybrook road (612). At Lufafa Road, take the right hand turnoff which is the D114 to Hella Hella. Continue all the way towards Hella Hella, following the road down the pass. Traveling from this direction, the Reception is approx 500m after you’ve crossed the Mkomazi River, first entrance on the right.

From Joburg / Pietermaritzburg, take the N3 toward Durban. Take the R603 ( Umlaas / Richmond road exit ) and take the R603 Richmond exit. From there you follow the directions as per above from Durban. As you are now on the same road.

GPS co-ordinates: S29 54.396 E30 05.885


Phase 1 Early Bird: R 300 (15th February)

Phase 2: R 350 (15th Feb -15th March)

Phase 3: R400 (15th March – 17th April)

Gate Prices are R500

Saturday Pass: R300 ( To be purchased at the gate )


Sunday Funday Passes : R200 (To be purchased at the gate)
gates open from 7am

Ticket sales are capped for their respective phases, so prices will increase once that cap is reached. So get your tickets fast..


NB: Any problems booking tickets ?
Please do not hesitate to contact OneLove Productions on oneloveproductionssa@gmail.com


Elysium Festival ticket includes camping for the 19th, 20th, 21st April. Please note that the campsites do not have power points.
In the event you don’t have a tent, not to worry Hella Hella have additional accommodation available (to be booked directly with Hella Hella Adventure Centre) at an extra cost.

The venue offers dorm accommodation with hot showers and toilets (which are available to the public).
Private cottages and rooms are also available on the property
(once again to be booked and confirmed directly with Hella Hella adventure centre)

NB: The local tap water is NOT suitable for drinking, so please bring lots of your own drinking water.
There will however be bottled water being sold at the festival.

NB: Majority of the camping is on an open field. Trees and shade are scarce, so please do try to bring a means of covering your tent area. Obviously there are some trees and shaded area around. You have to be there first to grab them.

NB: Please note that camping is included in the price, and will include the Sunday night if you wish…
Check out has to be Monday morning.

NB: Gates will open as of 7am Friday morning 19/04/2019

NB: The Tech floor will open at 1pm, and the Trance floor at 12 noon.

Any persons wishing to check in the day before, are more than welcome to do so…. Naturally there will be crew on site finishing set up. However that extra nights accommodation, will be at an additional cost. This cost once again must be sorted out directly with the venue.


Shaded dance-floors ( with some areas being waterproof ), lush camping, chill zone, swimming, food stalls, bar, medical facilities, strong and friendly security, craft & clothing market, clean toilets and showers, fishing, hiking, canoeing and zip-line.


General Enquiries to be forwarded to oneloveproductionssa@gmail.com

❤️STRICTLY NO OPEN FIRES❤️ ( gas cookers allowed )


Glass bottles (this will be enforced), under 18’s (ID on request), fires, domestic animals, independent sound systems, illegal substances or bad attitudes

The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles, and belongings. This applies even to negligence by the organisers of any kind. Entry is entirely at your own risk. Right of admission is reserved.