Kiki Solvej in the Bahamas

An afterhour Rave session in the Bahamas, with some stonking Techno and Tech Trance.


00:00 Kiki Solvej – Deutsches Rave Mädchen
04:00 Mark Dekoda – Illusion
06:30 Ascendant Vierge – Influenceur
10:50 Eli Brown – Believe
14:34 Red Scan – Unstable Mind
18:00 Kiki Solvej – Heute Nacht
22:00 Thomas P. Heckmann – Tanzmaschine
26:10 ID – ID
29:22 Joyhauser – Knaldrang
33:33 Radio Slave – Don’t Stop No Sleep (Marco Faraone Remix)
38:13 ID – ID
42:50 Alpha Tracks – Elektra
45:40 Narciss – Blicke
53:15 Nostrum – Brilliant(Hard Trance Version)
58:30 Matrakk – My Drums Hard
1:02:12 Tiësto – Shandar
1:04:20 Nostrum – Polaris

Mental Broadcast at Adhana Festival

Top quality Psytrance at Adhana Festival from Mental Broadcast.

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Amelie Lens at Ultra

Some of Amelie’s favourite tracks at Ultra Music Festival, on the Resistance Megastructure stage by Carl Cox.

0:10 Amelie Lens – L’Obscurite
4:30 Amelie Lens & Airod – Escape
7:30 DJ Ogi – Adriatic
11:00 Perc – Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Amelie Lens Remix)
18:00 Swart – Downfall
21:00 Amelie Lens & Airod – Raver’s Heart
25:30 Excessus – Lukas Firtzer
29:00 Lukas Firtzer – Excessus
32:00 Amelie Lens – All of You
36:00 Lee Ann Roberts – March of the White Fireflies (Charlie Sparks Remix)
40:00 Coyu – Newoldgen (Marcal Remix)
43:20 Amelie Lens – Higher
47:30 ID – ID
50:30 ID – ID
53:30 Dandi & Ugo & Steve Soprani – Answer (Steve Shaden Rave Mix)
57:00 ID – ID
1:00:00 Ferdinger – Hindsight
1:03:00 ID – ID
1:06:00 ID – ID
1:09:00 DJ Jordan & Shadym – Rave Hard
1:12:30 Florian Meindl – All Those Moments (Mython Remix)
1:15:00 ID – ID
1:18:00 WAST – Mental Groove
1:21:00 Itachi – Face Down
1:25:00 N.O.B.A ft. Ostara – Rejoice (CYNKT Remix)
1:28:00 Amelie Lens – ID

Organik Love Project

Organik Love Project this weekend was a great event. Set on Kromrivier Farm in the Cape of South Africa, the venue was beautiful. Surrounded by mountains, a river and forest, it was the perfect getaway. A great lineup of some of Cape Town’s best DJ’s as well as Sonic Species, the music was fresh and the dancefloor was packed.

The stage design was a collaboration between Carin Dickson and Christopher Dowding, with 3D tendrils filled with LEDS, beautiful stretch decor and shaped into a big heart.

Stage setup being done

The music was top class. My favourite set came from Bernz on the Friday night, 10.30pm to 12.30am. Great Psychedelic Trance, and the crowd was jumping!

DJ Bernz playing great Psy on Friday night

The festival was opened by Sonic Druid, playing some laid back Zenon style grooves. It’s been a while since I saw him play and he did a great job of bringing the crowd onto the dancefloor.

Sonic Druid starting off the festival

Cape Town collective “Our Minds” had a strong showing at the festival, with one of the head guys, Abra playing some good Dark Psy.

Abra playing some good Dark Psy

There was some rain on Saturday, but that didn’t seem to bother the crowd at all. The dancefloor stayed full and people just kept dancing. Some dancefloors just disappear when the rain and cold comes, Cape Town seem to have developed thick skins! Silo played a great set and held the crowd, dancing all the way.

Silo packing the crowd in the rain

The Sunday was warm and sunny and people had a lovely Sunday Funday. Headroom always seems to be the most popular DJ in Cape Town, rocking the crowd with his signature sound. Lots of hoola hoops, jugglers and flow artists were out and about, showing off their skills.

Headroom rocking out

Great production and teamwork from the crew. They were on the ball and I didn’t see any incidents that they couldn’t handle with ease. Special thanks to Warren and Bianca for their hospitality and making sure everything ran smoothly throughout.

We launched our new brand at Love Project, and are looking forward to seeing it grow.

Psymetry stall with T-shirts and Hats

Cristoph at CRSSD for Beatport Live

Premieres at 4PM GMT, 16 March.

I saw this set during the live broadcast and it was great.

CRSSD Festival is an electronic music festival in San Diego, California. One of The States’ premier dance music events, the festival boasts a lineup that collects the best of the best across house, techno, EDM, and beyond. Taking place in San Diego’s Waterfront Park.