Fjaak at Boiler Room AVA Festival

Fjaak have been making waves in the Techno world. They play tough and uncompromising sets, as well as produce great music.

Tracklist — Comment below if you know any ID’s 🙂
0:41 Elektrochemie LK – Schall (Remix)
01:57 Knarz – Tanzmaschine
2:25 Kamaflarge – Disco Tamination
4:58 Kettama – Did I Tell You
8:50 FJAAK – ID (Unreleased)
12:02 FJAAK – Lehmann
15:58 FJAAK – Underdawg
19:11 DJ Bogdan – Love Inna Basement (Midnite XTC)
22:38 ID – ID
25:40 ID – ID (Unreleased)
28:59 ID – ID
32:33 Tommy Holohan – Subaru Impreza
37:04 Raredub & Kink ft. SREBREV – How The Fire Started feat. SREBREV (Dub)
41:25 Asquith – Rave Til Dawn
46:22 FJAAK – Lovers (Unreleased Tresor 30 Album)
51:41 FJAAK – Highrise 49
57:37 FJAAK – ID (to be released on FJAAK008)
1:02:25 FJAAK – District 8
1:07:00 Stranger – Rok Da Place
1:09:58 Overmono – So U Know
1:15:04 Randomer – Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix)
1:20:19 FJAAK – ID
1:23:03 2000 and One – Kawasaki
1:27:03 FJAAK – Rough and Ready

Offlabel Livestream

Psychedelic Trance at its best, Tony Offlabel is one of the Blacklite Records crew. Creating great tunes and sounds is his craft and he excels at it. Along with his Blacklite Crew mates, they are creating some of the finest Psytrance in the world. This livestream is from an old NATO base in Italy, and contains only original tunes written by himself.

Here is some background:

OffLabel is a psytrance project by Tony Vallini, born and raised in Italy. He started as techno DJ when he was 16, and from 1995 he started as a producer, always taking care to maintain his own style. He found himself drawn into the psytrance world, already having a lot of experience as a Techno artist and party promoter. In 2018 he joined the well known Blacklite Records family, after changing his style. More complex psychedelic sounds, deeper basslines, acid synths and a vast tempo increase, in line with the new trends of the genre. On stage, OffLabel provides a Live Set together with many atmospheric effects and sounds that are created live and on the spot. It is a very engaging show with a powerful music vibes that audiences love.

Location: The former NATO base is scenically located on the top of Monte Giogo. The four huge parabola-shaped antennas give the landscape a surreal and unusual look. The base was in fact a troposcatter base, that is, it served as a military communication bridge during the Cold War. Encrypted codes were transmitted to all of the NATO bases in the Mediterranean, to warn in case of missiles or other threats.

Filming – Editing …….. Francesco Gentili
Crew Assistant ……….. Nicola Razzetto, Simone
Music ………………………. Offlabel
Production ……………… Tony Vallini

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Beautiful Scenes From Burning Man

Burning Man is a massive Festival usually held every year in Nevada on a salt flat. It attracts around 70,000 people and becomes the 3rd biggest city in Nevada for a week. It is the original Burning Festival, with many affiliates having sprung up all around the world.

This video has some great scenes from the festival, as well as some beautiful tunes. Called Desert Tech, these melodic Techno tunes have a very dreamy and danceable vibe. This is an art festival, and the massive art pieces and flamboyant clothing tell a wonderful tale.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

This series took me totally by surprise. The trailer looked interesting. It’s about a woman whose marriage fails and then she happens to get drunk, walks into a club, walks onto the stage, and does a brilliant comedy stand-up routine. One of the women in the club loves her act and signs up as her manager, to create a career in stand-up for her. It’s set in the 1950s, a time when women had to fight to be seen as equal, so the show picks up on a lot of the discrimination that women went through. Here’s the trailer for season 1, to give you an idea of what it is like:

The characters are well written and very well developed. Midge, the main character, makes friends with comedian Lenny Bruce, a larger-than-life man who became well known in real life as the comedian who pushed boundaries and allowed comics to be able to speak about topics that were considered taboo and off-limits. Their friendship develops throughout all three series and makes for an excellent and thought-provoking portrayal of how people mentor each other and give each other much-needed support. Standing up for one’s beliefs can often land us in trouble, so it takes a lot of support to keep doing it.

The styling and art direction throughout the series are excellent. The clothing, sets, and look of the show give it a warmth and positive feel, even though there are always undertones of discrimination being tackled in the themes. It is often heartwarming and real, and the comedy sketches are excellent. Rachel Brosnahan, who plays the main character, Midge, is an excellent actress. The show has already collected 8 Emmy awards.

If you like well-written comedy, style, and glamour, with a hint of drama and social justice, you’ll love The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It always puts a smile on my face and I didn’t want to stop watching. Many of the hyped-up TV shows these days bore me to tears. Finding something exceptional and different doesn’t happen often on TV anymore. I like shows that challenge my intellect, make me laugh, and bring some warmth into my heart. That’s a tall order and usually requires a fair amount of budget. Although, that said, Kevin Smith managed to do it for me with Clerks, on a small budget of $5000, so anything is possible.

Monolink Live at Gaatafushi Island for Cercle

Monolink has become one of my favourite melodic artists. His music is beautiful, relaxing and easy to listen to. Perfect for a bit of time out. The visuals on this set are beautiful, as any gorgeous tropical beach island with palm trees would be.

Hints of a middle eastern vibe in some of his tracks. I have loved the Ben Bohmer mix of Father Ocean ever since I heard it. It is a sublime piece of music. Cercle continue to produce amazing and visually stunning sets all over the world.

00:00 Monolink – Laura Buy Now
06:26 Monolink – The Prey Buy Now
12:09 Monolink – Father Ocean Buy Now
18:06 Monolink – We Don’t Sleep Buy Now
25:27 Monolink – Under Dark Buy Now
31:18 Monolink – Turning away Buy Now
37:06 Zigan Aldi – Fidale (Monolink Remix)
42:40 Monolink – Don’t Hold Back Buy Now
49:34 Monolink – Into the Glow Buy Now
54:08 Monolink – ID
01:01:00 Monolink – Sirens Buy Now
Monolink – ID
01:09:47 Monolink – Sinner Buy Now
01:17:43 Monolink – Otherside Buy Now
01:24:29 Monolink – Falling Buy Now

Anfisa Letyago in Malta for Cercle

Anfisa Letyago plays one of the toughest Techno sets I’ve heard on a Cercle event, on a beautiful venue called the Saluting Battery, in Malta. A gorgeous venue with beautiful views, Cercle once again supplies the goods with great music and great visuals.


[00:00] 01 Anfisa Letyago – Gravity Buy Now
[06:00] 02 Anfisa Letyago – Saluting Battery Buy Now
[10:00] 03 ID – ID
[16:00] 04 ID – ID
[23:00] 05 Answer Code Request – The 4th Verdict Buy Now
[26:00] 06 Anfisa Letyago – Nisida Buy Now
[30:00] 07 ID – ID
[33:00] 08 Rene Wise – Raptor Buy Now
[38:00] 09 Assumption – Imperial Buy Now
[43:00] 10 JED – En Route
[47:00] 11 Roberto Clementi – Megalo Buy Now
[51:00] 12 Phara – The Andromeda Manoeuvre Buy Now
[56:00] 13 Narciss ft Ikki Mel – Blicke Buy Now
[01:02:00] 14 Gaetano Parisio – Last Three Months Buy Now
[01:06:00] 15 Introversion – Rem Buy Now
[01:12:00] 16 Voiski and Hadone – Fall Into The Light Buy Now

Turning Point

This is the history of the amazing Ozora festival, bringing people together from all over the world. It first began when a solar eclipse and planetary alignment was going to be seen, and brought about 20,000 people to the valley at their first festival. It is based on a farm next to the small village of Ozora in Hungary.

It always attracts the best DJ’s from around the world, bringing with them the best music. It is held during the height of Summer, meaning high temperatures in the sun. Often the fire engines pull in to spray the crowds with water. It is a spectacle, check it out.

Tony from Above and Beyond

A wonderful set of laid back, beautiful music, perfect for a lazy afternoon of relaxing. Tony is a master DJ who has been at it for many years and his mixing is sublime. The music flows effortlessly as he progresses across multiple genres and sounds. It’s a 4 hour long journey, taking you to exotic places and putting you imagination all over the universe. Enjoy!


0:00 Mono Electric Orchestra – Antarctica Buy Now
6:16 Madraas – Intro Buy Now
13:06 Nursultan – Soroqa (Original Mix)
19:30 Rashid Ajami – You Don’t Know Me Madraas Remix Buy Now
24:50 Madraas & Eduardo McGregor – Searching The Sun (Original Mix)
30:26 Urmet K and Pete Josef – Ever The Same Buy Now
36:01 Marian AR – Life and Death Bodaishin Interpretation Buy Now
43:14 Ventt – Hidden Things (Original Mix)
49:08 Swoof – Tidal Tim Green Remix Buy Now
57:08 Marian AR – The Mistery Of The Waves Buy Now
1:03:16 Golan Zocher & Choopie – Oak Alley
1:09:17 NuKreative – State of Mind Feat Amegas Buy Now
1:15:41 Matt Lee (AR) – Sorrow (Cocho Remix)
1:21:57 MOS – Paeonia Buy Now
1:27:00 Lost Desert and Junior – Bo Singi Yo Buy Now
1:32:52 Lost Desert and Hermanez – Other Side Buy Now
1:40:03 Gorje Hewek – A Man Buy Now
1:45:55 London Grammar – All My Love (Mass Digital Remix 2)
1:51:30 Weird Sounding Dude – Water Rings Buy Now
1:57:21 Urmet K – Heart is Trembling
2:02:59 Volen Sentir – Neunivai Buy Now
2:09:42 Wassu & Bona Fide – Sila (David Orin Remix)
2:16:20 Amonita – Deja Vu Buy Now
2:22:11 Davide Ferrario – Jewel Ice (Ramiro Drisdale Remix)
2:27:24 Newman (I Love) – Coisa Linda
2:34:07 Lost Desert and Lee Burridge – Loopyjazz Buy Now
2:40:27 Alex O’Rion – Stranded
2:46:00 Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fran Bux Unofficial Remix)
2:52:37 Gorje Hewek – Atrice
2:57:39 Stan Tone & Zarya – LES (Lost Desert Remix)
3:02:40 EANP – Terra
3:09:47 Mauro Masi – Ilusion for My
3:14:51 Kamilo Sanclemenete – Fable
3:20:55 Morttagua – Pleiadians (Original Mix)
3:27:14 Alex O’Rion – The Chase
3:33:01 Etherwave – Leonids
3:38:48 FJL – Gardens (Original Mix)
3:44:03 Kamilo Sanclimente – The Distance (NOIYSE PROJECT & Bynomic Remix)
3:50:52 Zankee Gulati – Moon Drops Buy Now (Original Mix)
3:56:54 Sebastian Sellares – Dunes at Dawn
4:03:12 Jiminy Hop – Desire (Extended Mix)
4:09:30 NOIYSE PROJECT – Lost the Lust Buy Now (Original Mix)
4:15:16 fuscarini – Ray (Luciano Scheffer Remix)
4:21:03 Dabeat – Momentum (Original mix)
4:27:04 GMJ – Mood Medicine (Paul Kardos Remix)
4:33:23 Guy J – Small Alarms Buy Now