Bob Moses – Falling Into Focus

I loved this show. The music is fabulous, the venue is spectacular and the production is top notch. I had never heard of Bob Moses before I saw this live stream. Great songs and great band. Their style is Melodic Techno and the production of their tracks is superb. The performance in this show is stunning, starting off with just two of them, then joining the whole band at a later stage. It was one of the best live streams I’ve watched during this whole two year lockdown that we’ve experienced.

Bob Moses have definitely become part of my watch list. Their songs are beautiful and moving. Laid back and danceable, I could imagine watching them at a burn festival like Burning Man. If you like danceable melodies and soaring vocals, Bob Moses will be right up your alley.

00:00 1. Love We Found
07:06 2. The Blame
13:39 3. Desire
19:31 4. Hold Me Up
21:55 5. Outlier
26:43 6. Ordinary Day
32:08 7. Heaven Only Knows
37:59 8. Talk
44:47 9. Back Down
48:55 10. All I Want
55:01 11. Tearing Me Up
01:02:39 12. Enough To Believe

All tracks are available on these links from Amazon:

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