Black Noise Sangoma Records Series EP78 Radiozora

The Sangoma Records stories continue with this live set named “Twisting the Dragon’s Tail”. Black Noise, Kostas Angelopoulos aka Xtatic Shiva, is a psychedelic producer from Athens, Greece.

Black Noise is his project that explores the mysteries of the universe by transforming colors, feelings, memories, scents and sounds into psychedelic trance with rhythmic bursts of energy.

This set is made up of unreleased, recently released and relevant tracks that Kostas selected and mixed in his studio.

Tracklist :

  1. Black Noise – Khush Hua (Nordic Aliens Music)
  2. Black Noise – Let it happen (soon on Nordic Aliens Music)
  3. Black Noise – Ruby blue (Nordic Aliens Music)
  4. Black Noise – Risk it for the biscuit (soon on Sangoma Records)
  5. Black Noise – Distress signal (Sangoma Records)
  6. Black Noise & Neuromotor – Never surrender (soon on Sangoma Records)
  7. Black Noise – That’s us (Sangoma Records)
  8. Black Noise & Daksinamurti – Cloud your vision (soon on Sangoma Records)
  9. Black Noise & Daksinamurti – Wildebeest (soon on Sangoma Records)
  10. Black Noise & Kri Samadhi – Lower state of consciousness (Sangoma Records)

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I don’t own the recordings or copyright in this set, so all moneys and kudos should go to Black Noise and Radiozora

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