Anja Schneider’s Club Room #176

Anja Schneider is a consummate professional, a DJ with class. She plays great tunes and her sets rock.


  1. Joe Goddard – Truth Is The Light Buy Now
  2. Posthuman – Ottomen Buy Now
  3. Dusky – Hildegard Buy Now
  4. Cozmic Cat – Keep The Body Dancing (Spatial Awareness Remix) Buy Now
  5. Matrefakt – Quad
  6. Reformed Society – Headspace (Bambounou Remix) Buy Now
  7. Branko Stojanov – Kao Staklo (Skugge Remix) Buy Now
  8. Agent Orange DJ – Backwood Groove Buy Now
  9. Marcel Reix – Fast Lane
  10. Lauren Flax – Endless Summer (Posthuman Remix) Buy Now
  11. KEENE & Kaleta – Ayessi Buy Now

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