Tony from Above&Beyond: Deep Set 35

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Ten hours of music from Tony McGuinness and friends!

Tony McGuinness
Kora – Tamanaku
Nohan – The Sun in December
Niceshot – Off in Deep (Feat. BODAI)
Ventt – Hidden Things (Original Mix)
ilias Katelanos & Plecta – Camelia
Elliot Moriarty – We Are One
Khen – The Babylon Track
Urmet K – There By The Sea [Edit]
NIIIE – Hey Tom [Edit]
Sebastian Sellares – Lost In Time (Original Mix)
Wassu & djimboh – Green Eyed Cat
Maezbi – Spacelost (Original Mix)
Tim Green – Battle Illusion
Lisandro – Whirl (Original Mix)
Draso – Bloom (Original Mix)
Paul Deep (AR) – Filira
Gorkiz, Zairi Torrez – I Feel Fine (Original Mix)
Deep Dish – Say Hello (Mayro 2022 Remix)
Kasper Koman – Fruit
Maxi Degrassi – Prohibited Steps (Original Mix)
Lio Q, Nicolas Leonelli – Perfect Love (Dabeat Remix)
Alex O’Rion – Castle In The Sky (Original Mix)

Angela Botero
Colyn – Anonymous Affairs
Alican & Soner Ince – Find You
Nhar – Crystal Chamber
Rashid Ajami & Dröm – The Lie
Sébastien Léger – Sakura Blossom
Ivory (IT) – Hold Your Breath
Zankee Gulati – Moon Drops (Original Mix)
Eelke Kleijn – Mont Saint-Michel (Original Mix)
Colyn – Programmed for Empathy
Carlita – Movimiento

Sun Yang
Cypherpunx feat. Sian Evans – Alien (Sebastien Leger Remix – Hodel Dub)
Condriac, Emann – Hemamea (Original Mix)
Amonita – Ainu (Original Mix)
Gorje Hewek, Lost Desert, Volen Sentir – Fluminnese (12″ Version)
Tim Green – Pyxis (Original Mix)
Amonita – Wilwarin (Original Mix)
Double Touch – Dream a Little Dream (Original Mix)
Simon Vuarambon – 1996 (Original Mix)

Velero – ID
Lucefora – Hidden Sun (Original Mix)
Velero – ID
The Cobb – Voda (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
Proff – Whale Song (Extended Mix)
Eli & Fur – Fire to Fire (Velero Rework)
Nacho Varela – Walk (Original Mix)
R Plus – Hold On To Your Heart (Eli & Fur Vocal Mix)
Velero – ID
Velero – ID
Velero – ID

Wassu – Camu (Original Mix)
Wassu & djimboh – Deep Set ID 19
Marsh & Wassu – Deep Set ID 20
Wassu feat. Mimi Page – Deep Set ID 21
Wassu & Ventt – Deep Set ID 22
Wassu & Warung – Deep Set ID 23
Wassu – Tommu (Original Mix)
Double Touch & Wassu – Deep Set ID 24
Wassu – Deep Set ID 25
Wassu – Deep Set ID 26
Wassu & Bona Fide – Deep Set ID 27
Wassu – Deep Set ID 28
Simon Doty & Ezequiel Arias vs. The Temper Trap – Sonoma Disposition (Wassu NYE 2020 Mash-Up)
Wassu – Deep Set ID 15
Wassu – Deep Set ID 29
Wassu & David Orin – Deep Set ID 17

Juan Pablo Torres
Nursultan Kun – Dark Silence (Mass Digital Remix)
Dave Leck – Radius
Erdi Irmak – Hope (Rework)
DSF – MATI 102 (Original Mix)
Dave Leck – Elevate (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
Figueras – Summit
JFR – Kira
Andre Moret, NAHS – Brava
Nursultan Kun – Midnight Moon (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
Frankie M, Rodrigo Lapena, Gonzalo Sacc – Let Me Go
Ric Niels – Who Knows
Analog Jungs – Surrende
Gorkiz, Mango – Ipanema Twilight (Dabeat & Juan Pablo Torrez Remix)
Juan Pablo Torrez ft. Amber Long – Missing
Lio Q, Anhauser, Nicolas Leonelli – Lost Desert
Deviu – Two Worlds
Petar Dundov – Neopar (Cid Inc. Remix)
Magitman – Kite
Erdi Irmak – The World Is Yours (Rework)


Charlotte de Witte ‘New Form’ V: Universal Consciousness for Beatport Live

A stream from Charlotte De Witte showing some great new Techno.

The Tracklist:

  1. Omis – The Other Time Intro
  2. Charlotte de Witte – Satori
  3. Charlotte de Witte – Universal Consciousness
  4. X CLUB. – Concentrate
  5. Charlotte de Witte – Ahimsa
  6. WNDRLST – End Credits
  7. ID – ID
  8. Exos – Time Of Time
  9. Charlotte de Witte – Kali
  10. ID – ID
  11. Nico Moreno – I’m from 1994 Dude
  12. ID – ID
  13. ID – ID

Enrico Sangiuliano at Awakenings

Some deep and dark Techno from Enrico Sangiuliano at Awakenings.


[00:00] Mattia Saviolo – ID
[6:30] Psyk – First Trail [FIGURE]
[10:00] Wlderz – Algo [SKRYPTOM]
[17:00] Alex Lentini & Stomp Boxx – ID
[24:00] Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) [DIKI]
[30:00] Raito – Hardcore Rave [BROOKLYN FIRE]
[31:00] Enrico Sangiuliano – Missile [ALLEANZA]
[37:00] Enrico Sangiuliano – ID
[43:00] Barbuto – Vantablack (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) [OCTOPUS]
[46:30] Sian – Reverse
[50:30] Enrico Sangiuliano – Symbiosis [DRUMCODE]
[56:30] Maxie Devine – 20 Box [OCTOPUS BLACK]
[1:00:00] Stomp Boxx – Sic Mundo [WAVESKIN YELLOW]
[1:05:00] Alex Lentini – Time to Reflect
[1:10:00] Enrico Sangiuliano – ID
[1:16:00] Bastet – Awakenings [UNRILIS]
[1:21:30] ID – ID
[1:26:00] Ramon Tapia – Tamashi [SAY WHAT?]
[1:33:00] Edge Of Motion – Dimension [EDGE OF MOTION]
[1:37:00] Enrico Sangiuliano – A Further Existence [DRUMCODE]

Yuli Fershtat at Isis Garden Festival

Great Psytech from Yuli Fershtat aka Perfect Stranger.


  1. Electrypnose – Un Peu De Ciel Bleu (Stereo Underground Remix) [Digital Structures]
  2. Maxi Basshead – Games (Doppel Spice Rub) [Stone Seed]
  3. Kase Kochen – Monstera (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Stone Seed]
  4. Yuli Fershtat, Psyvona – On Hold (Sandokan 2021 re-visit) [Digital Structures]
  5. Electrypnose – The Sun Winking At The Moon [Digital Structures]
  6. Perfect Stranger – Free Cloud (Miles From Mars Remix) [Digital Structures]
  7. Spintribe – Biocycle (Binome Remix) [Digital Structrures]
  8. Captain Hook, Gula K – Consciousness (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Iboga Records]
  9. Gabriel Morael – Aria [Digital Structures]
  10. Spintribe – Heliotrope [Digital Structures]
  11. Luis M – Yaguar (Peter Groskreutz Remix) [Digital Structures]
  12. Yuli Fershtat, EEEMUS – NN Part 2 [Digital Structures]
  13. Miles From Mars – Uprising [Digital Structures]
  14. Miles From Mars – Free Your Mind (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Digital Structures]
  15. LOUD – Engines On (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Digital Structures]
  16. Yuli Fershtat, Gabi 2B – Converted [Digital Structures]
  17. Freedom Fighters – Era (Miles From Mars Remix) [Digital Structures]
  18. Amok Laufer – Occulte [Digital Structures]
  19. Yuli Fershtat, Monoxcide – Falling Up [Digital Structures]
  20. South Punk – Medusa [Digital Structures]
  21. Desert Dwellers – Longing for Home (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [Dreaming Awake]
  22. Diamandy – Hope [Digital Structures]
  23. James Monro – Spark (Diamandy Remix) [Digital Structures]
  24. South Punk – Mind Control [Digital Structures]
  25. Miles From Mars – Civilizations [Digital Structures]
  26. Electrypnose – More Than I Give Them [Digital Structures]
  27. Perfect Stranger – A Mosquito Bit My Leg (Electrypnose Remix) [Digital Structures]
  28. Matter – Clouds [Turbo Recordings]
  29. Tesla – Inferno
  30. Eitan Reiter – Smile (Yuli Fershtat Remix) [ Digital Structures]
  31. Oxia – Domino [Kompakt]

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Amelie Lens in Johannesburg

Part 1

Amelie Lens had a stellar performance last night, at Constitution Hill, in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The stage and production was excellent, and the sound was good. Excellent visuals on stage made the performance great to watch and the energy she brought was magical.

Part 2

I felt that the warm up from the supporting DJ’s was a bit slow in comparison, she took the energy right up and the crowd responded. The venue was packed, but not uncomfortable. Bar service was great and efficient. I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen for a while, it’s great to be back after this 2 year hiatus.

Part 3

The crowd was having lots of fun during her set and I danced more than I have in ages. She started with some older tunes, feeling out the crowd and built her set extremely well, bringing more and more energy into play. It was great to see so many smiles.

Part 4

It was great to finally see her perform live. I’ve been playing and sharing her sets for a long time, and am pleased to say that she is the real deal. She played one of the best Techno sets I have ever heard. The venue was great, with plenty of safe parking in their underground basement.

Part 5

Ivan, from Killer Robot, played after Amelie and played a great set. It is always tough to come on after a big headliner and keep up with their performance. Well done to the whole crew for an excellent production and styling setup. Well done to the crowd for being up for the great Techno and well done to Amelie for bringing such a fabulous performance. I’m a big fan.

Part 6

Transitions with John Digweed and Darren Emerson

Bringing fresh tunes and great sounds to us, Transitions is John Digweed’s radio show. A mix of Progressive Breaks, Progressive House, Techno and Deep House, this show features tracks by:

Franky WahBooka ShadeRaxonHeadbirdsJepe and more.

 The second hour features a recording of Darren Emerson, live from The Egg, London (19.03.22).