Chris Palmer Elysium Desert Tech Mix

This turned out to be one of my favourite mixes of all time. It’s a chilled and easy listening Desert Tech mix, played slow and groovy and full of luscious goodness. Thanks to all the ravers who were up with me from 3 to 6am for this, I’ll never forget it :).

Gavo at Elysium

GIVE ME TEQUILA, PUT ME ON THE DECKS AND ENJOY THE RIDE – IT’S GOING TO GET MESSY! – This is the philosophy that Gavo lives for. He proves it every time he is behind the decks, bringing forth a mixture of deep tech sounds with hard progressive bass lines that hits straight into your soul, not to mention the vocal selections he loves adding to his sets.

From the tender age of 14, the Port Elizabeth underground dance scene had a hold on Gavo. He had the privilege of growing up amongst legends of the South African dance scene.

Three legendary DJ’s are behind the making of this young and talented DJ – Richard Quin, PE’s Progressive Trance Legend, taught Gavo the fine touches that have sculptured him into being such an ‘in your face’ DJ! Denton “Bunter” Wilmot, arguably one of the greatest DJ’s ever in South Africa, guided and passed on knowledge to Gavo that very few will ever have the opportunity of learning and Munro Munnik, The Legend – need we say more? With these three geniuses always giving advice and passing on knowledge and support whenever it was needed, he has advanced to being one of the top progressive dance DJ’s in the country, taking over a legacy set by his mentors.

Gavo is strongly influenced by international DJs & producers such as Moshic (Living God), Dave Seaman, John Digweed, Nigel Dawson, Pete Bones, Atmos, Glenn Morrison, Liquid Soul, Freq, Ballroom, Lustral, Minilogue, Ace Ventura, Medway, Behind Blue Eyes, Piece Process, Perfect Stranger, Chab, Emok and Tatana – just to mention a few!

The highlight of Gavo’s career has been teaming up with DJ Thalia, SA’s Prog Queen. Together they have created Progressive MESS to promote underground Progressive Dance Music which Gavo and Thalia both live for and believe in. They also host their very own show on Dance Web radio called Underground Revival with progressive MESS, where they feature only the best in Local & International Underground Talent from across the globe.

His continuous efforts and dedication is fuelled by his passion for Progressive Music – Progressive Music, The Foundation – we LOVE it, we LIVE for it, we CLUB for it!!

OXIA at Castelul Peleş for Cercle

OXIA is one of France’s most respected DJs and producers, with a career spanning over twenty years and intensive touring on all continents. With an impressive list of remixes and releases on famous imprints (8bit, Hot Creations, Saved, Knee Deep in Sound…) in addition to his own label, Diversions Music and a string of collaborations with artists such as Agoria, Miss Kittin or Nicolas Masseyeff.
2018 has been a strong year for OXIA with his “Reset To Zero” EP plus a remix on Diversions and a contribution to Knee Deep in Sound’s Ibiza 2018 Sampler. His touring schedule is taking him across the globe, from the intimate clubs to the festivals and, for the fifth consecutive year, playing for Music On at Amnesia Ibiza.
2019 will see new OXIA releases following, starting with his ‘Second Mood’ EP released in March on Diversions Music.


Olivier Raymond AKA OXIA got into music in his early teens, with a predilection for Funk and disco, and a debut on a local Funk radio show. Olivier already had started mixing, influenced by a large spectrum of music styles: Funk, Italo-disco, New Wave and the early House scene. He met in high-school his future musical partner, Stephane Deschezeaux with whom he bought his first bits of equipment and started to compose music in the early Nineties. Not too long after that, Olivier became a resident DJ at a club in his hometown Grenoble, jumpstarting a career in electronic music. By 1994, Stephane and Olivier’s live act ‘OXIA’ was born.

In 1995, they met The Hacker, Alex Reynaud and Kiko; that same year Olivier created Ozone records together with Kiko, where OXIA released their first EP.
Olivier went on in 1998 to create a new label with The Hacker and Alex Reynaud, christened ‘Goodlife’ in homage to the mythical Inner City track.
After few EPs Stéphane and Olivier then parted ways in the early 2000s; the latter continued with the OXIA moniker as a solo DJ act. His continued sound evolution, by now heavily focusing on groovy techno, gave birth to a series of EPs & remixes on Goodlife but also on labels such as Intec, Terminal M, and many others. This was the beginning of OXIA’s international DJ career, and he has since never stopped touring and performing clubs around the world.

In 2004 he released his debut solo album ‘24 HEURES’ on Goodlife, a vibrant homage to, amongst others, the Detroit techno scene.
‘Domino’, initially released on Kompakt, became a worldwide hit in 2006. Today, this track has become a classic, still regularly played around the world, boasting more than 25 million views on YouTube.
In 2008 OXIA scored second & third spot in the Beatport Music Awards for ‘Best Remix’ (with his remix of Butch’s track “On the Line”) and Best ‘Techno Artist’.
2009 saw the track ‘Whole Life’ (8Bit) win the Beatport Music Awards’ second place in the ‘best tech-house’ category. It was also Number One on Resident Advisor’s Annual DJ Charts.
Many remixes & original tracks followed throughout the following years for SCI+TEC, Tsuba, Soma, Time Has Changed, etc. As well as two mix compilations (5 years of Systematic, 5 years of 8Bit).

In 2012 OXIA released his second album ‘Tides Of Mind’ on French label Infiné Music, on which he collaborated guest singers Miss Kittin, Mesparrow and Scalde. Deep and melodic sounds gave a diversity of tracks, from dancefloor to downtempo.
Later on, OXIA completed numerous remixes and tracks for Visionquest (collaboration with Agoria), Noir Music (collaboration with Nicolas Masseyeff), Clarisse Records, Moan, Material… In May 2014 OXIA’s new EP (‘Perception EP’) was released on Saved records. A mix CD compilation for Club Kyo in Singapore followed.
In 2015 Several remixes & EPs were released on highly respected imprints such as Hot Creations, Saved, Knee Deep In Sound…

In 2016 OXIA went back to 8bit and released his ‘Unity EP’.. In July of the same year, together with his close friend Nicolas Masseyeff, OXIA founded Diversions Music. The label’s first release was ‘Connivence EP’, a three-tracker by the duo themselves. October saw Diversions’ second release, ‘Secret Point EP’, another tight trio from OXIA himself.

2017 saw OXIA’s classic worldwide smash hit ‘Domino’, which had recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary, re-released on Agoria’s new label, ‘Sapiens’. ‘Domino Remixes’ features a reworked version by its creator, as well as remixes by Frankey & Sandrino, Matador and Robag Wruhme. OXIA remixed Moby’s 1999 classic hit ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad ?’, released on Spanish label Suara in March. In April, his Stefano Noferini’s remix “Exposure” was released on Italian label Moan. Moan’s Artslaves duo took the collaboration further in July by releasing their “Loud” EP on Diversions Music, which featured remixes by Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff. Summer of 2017 also saw him perform multiple times for Music On at Amnesia Ibiza for the fourth year in a row, including notably its closing.

Dave Seaman Radio Therapy Broadcast April

Radio Therapy’s fourth instalment of 2019 is a heavy hitting affair with Sasha & Kolsch, Cristoph & Quivver, Erol Alkon & Mano Le Tough plus Raxon, Moonwalk, Fort Romeau & Denis Horvat all starring and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Above and beyond the call of duty, in the good stuff we trust. Enjoy 🙂

IONO Music Podcast #012

Our new Iono-Music April 2019 Podcast is now ready to listen! The show will feature most of the upcoming releases from Iono for the month of April, giving fans a heads up and exclusive teasers – all blended seamlessly into one hypnotic powerful mix by Dj Jensson.

Track list:

  1. Sun – Abyss
  2. Ritmo – At the Beginning (Shibass Remix)
  3. Mindbenderz – Human Form
  4. Dual Vision & IKØN – Mighty Jungle
  5. Divination – Sourcecodes of Reality (IKØN Remix)
  6. Estefano Haze – Are We Alone
  7. Sun – Chasing Horizons
  8. SOME1 – Awake

Pan Pot at Timewarp 2019

Pan-Pot are still firm favourites on the world Techno scene. They’re not edgy or unique in their performance, but have a warm and friendly energy that is easy to like.

They have created many of my favourite Techno tunes in the past and their label, Second State, releases some of the world’s best Techno bangers. I like that their name is a play on both pots and pans and a simple knob to turn sound from left to right.

Glad to see that they are still rocking the big festivals and bringing smiles to the crowds.

Amelie Lens Timewarp 2019

Amelie Lens is the most cutting edge Techno DJ in the world at the moment. She puts far more experienced DJ’s to shame for their lack of innovation and contrived track selection. She has an edge and energy that is difficult to beat.

The stage had to be closed during this fantastic set because it had become too full. That’s badass. I have been following her for a long time and she has far and away been the most exciting and talented dj to listen to.

Watch this set and see what you think? I think that she will continue going from strength to strength. Even the energy that she dances with is incredible. I have rarely seen anyone more enthusiastic and moving as much behind a dj booth. She rocks.