AMOK, Sian and Will Clarke


Sian and Will Clarke team up for a massive new project


You might not be familiar with the name AMOK… yet.

But certainly, you know the dynamic duo behind the name on an individual basis: Octopus Recordings chief Sian has teamed up with Bristol spark Will Clarke to create AMOK.

Born in Ireland and raised in Spain, Sian has been a staple of modern techno. From the get go, he found his own cavern of undeniably mesmerizing, dark techno and established a home for similar sounds and artists in 2008, when Octopus Recordings was born.

Bristol native Will Clarke burst onto the scene in the early 2010’s. With a tagline like “doing it for the cuddles”, it’s no surprise that he was quickly noticed by and embraced by the Dirtybird flock, where he’s continued to hone in on his happy-go-lucky, booty-bouncing sound

After meeting at an edition of CRSSD Festival in San Diego and chopping it up over a bowl of ramen, they uncovered a kinship in their shared desires to break out of their respective comfort zones. A studio session later uncovered their workflow synergy, and thus, AMOK was born.

“Myself and Will have unusually parallel influences and trajectories,” Sian says. “Both of us are determined to keep pushing and redefining our individual sounds.”

Their mix arrives following the release of their first three-track ‘You Only Want Me’ EP, out now on Octopus Recordings. Check it below.


Fjaak – Version

Miss Kitten – 1993 EACID (truncate remix)

P.leone – My Lita (Mark Broom Remix)

I AM BAM – Obey

The Chemical Brothers – MAH

TWR72 – Glossy Indigo

Marsian – Dont Stop

Avision – Get It Right

Blacktik – Drumtik

Jensen Interceptor – Collect Those Ends

Jensen Interceptor – Mactavis

Andre Crom – Elevation

AMOK – You Only Want Me

AMOK – It Is Nothing

Ajja at OZORA

AJJA is an eclectic and multi-talented Swiss artist who channels his creativity through parallel careers as musician/producer/dj, Peak Records label manager, graphic artist and tattoo artist.

Born in London in 1975, AJJA grew up roaming the planet with his world-renowned family of tattoo-artists and travellers. Wandering across the world and bathed in various artistic scenes, he was provided with a constant creative drive. He started playing guitar when he was nine years old, and having been reared in a rock’n’roll and funk atmosphere, he first concentrated on these musical styles. By his mid-teens, he had composed, produced and recorded over one hundred original songs. He performed with a number of live bands in different countries and continued to create music and release rock albums for another decade. During this time, he also picked up the family trade and started tattooing alongside his parents and older brother Filip Leu.

At the end of the nineties, his interest gradually shifted towards electronic music, causing him to explore new digital horizons. In 2002, AJJA and musician friends Master Margherita, Dymons and Flooting Grooves created The Peaking Goddess Collective, a chill & psytrance band that fuses live instruments and digital technology. After performing in many parties and festivals and releasing tracks on many compilations, their debut album “Organika” was released on Peak Records in August 2007.

In the summer of 2003, AJJA, in collaboration with his partner, visual artist Tanina Munchkina and musicians Dj Gaspard and Master Margherita, founded the psychedelic trance label Peak Records. In five years, the label has gained respect and a solid reputation in the psytrance scene, releasing many quality night-time and chill albums and compilations. 

The same year saw the birth of Yab Yum, the fully digital project shared by AJJA and Dj Gaspard. They have since released numerous tracks on world-renowned labels, and their debut album “Nocturnal Emissions”, released on Peak Records in December 2006, has been widely praised in the international psytrance scene. They have performed with growing success worldwide from Japan to South America. After Dj Gaspard, left Yab Yum in June 2008, Ajja decided to continue the project by himself.

In 2005, AJJA started a solo project under his own name. This digital live-act is primarily 144bpm-based, focusing on groovy, non-cheesy, psychedelic trance that can be played in the morning or in the middle of the night.

AJJA released his first solo night-time track in 2007, followed later the same year by his debut album “PSYCHOGENICA”, on the Irish label Syncronize Records. In 2008, AJJA had more releases on Peak Records, the Boom 2006 dvd, Syncronize, Northern Psylights, Gaian Mind, Phar Psyde, Liquid, Pixan with more new tracks to come. His second album is in the works and is planned for release on Peak Records in late 2009.

In the past three years, AJJA has performed in numerous parties and festivals including Boom, Universo Paralello, Full Moon, Antaris, Glade, Soulclipse, Life, Gaian Mind, Wickerman, World People, Forgotten Ritual and Waveform Project. His much appreciated live sets have already rocked & grooved dancefloors in Japan, The United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, Ukraine and Turkey. 

Not satisfied with so much activity, Ajja also composes music for theater plays, designs Peak Records covers with his partner Tanina Munchkina, designs web applications and works as a tattoo artist in his family’s shop in Lausanne, Switzerland.

An energetic, enthusiastic and gifted being, AJJA is an artist not to be missed!

Scamantrix at Vortex Open Source

ScamAntrix is a female DJ from Cape Town, South Africa that plays a variety of different sub psy-genres such as psychedelic, psy-gression & progressive trance. I first saw her play on the Rave Rover in 2015 at Afrikaburn, where she played the best Psytech set I had heard.

Her DJ sets often include lesser known artists whom she has sourced by digging deep into the music matrix – this is one of the contributing factors to her sets having an entirely unique, fresh signature sound, regardless of genre. She has played at almost ALL the main Trance festivals in South Africa, along with one international performance at The Tree of Life Festival in Turkey 2015.

Grouch at Into The Wild

I first saw Grouch in a mega 4 hour set at Cosmogenesis in The Orange Free State. What a wonderful blast!

Grouch encompasses the audible tales of producer Oscar Allison. born and raised in the breathtaking surrounds of Aotearoa New Zealand, the incredible backdrop infused and ignited a passion for dub and ethnic percussion which would later form the basis for his electronic journeys.

Experimenting with electronic music since the late 90’s, testing the waters of Dub, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass before discovering a talent for more Dance orientated productions. Grouch’s more recent years led him to spend extended periods travelling all around the Globe, travelling for 4 years non stop which led him to some of his career highlights performing to crowds in Brazil at festivals such as Universo Paralello, Boom festival in Portugal, Ozora in Hungary, Doof Festival in Israel and countless other shows all across 5 continents of the globe.

This endless expanse of life experience’s are all dropped into the melting pot of inspiration where grouch now experiments with various genre’s and structures, all of them encompassing an original and unmistakable essence which has seen an amazing reaction from people all around the world, leading him to be one of the most in demand producers on the alternative electronic music scene today.

Currently working on a full length album of his signature dub and bass music styles, his second project ‘Grouch in Dub’ is due to launch officially in 2017

Drumcode Radio Live – Joel Mull Studio Mix DCR443

Drumcode is more than a label, it’s a movement. Founded by Adam Beyer, it stands as the highest selling and most influential imprint in techno, has spawned a radio show listened to by millions each week and is set to stage its debut festival this summer, stamping it as arguably the most dominant force in electronic music.

Adam Beyer’s unwavering commitment to quality, combined with a future-focused ethos are the cornerstone of the brand’s success. His definition of techno is open-minded and expansive, while resolutely refusing to compromise on the smallest detail with every aspect of Drumcode’s output.The label was birthed in 1996, while a teenage Beyer worked at iconic Stockholm record store Planet Rhythm. A year earlier he released ‘Drum Codes 1’ on the store’s eponymous record label, and the seed for techno’s most enduring and best-loved imprint had been planted.

@nt at Freaky Forest

I love to see people smile on the dance floor, my passion is to bring energy and fun to the floor. I play Psytrance and Progressive Psytrance.

Catch me at Psyclical Psytrance Festival on the 16th and 17th of March in Gauteng and at Aquarius The Gathering in Kenton On Sea on the 8th to the 10th of February.