Psyclical La Femme

Win Tickets to Psyclical La Femme, as well as a R200 Bar Tab

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You can win 2 tickets and R200 to spend at the bar by completing each of the following steps:

A. Share our event on your Facebook profile – here is the link:
B. Click “GOING” on the event on the Psyclical La Femme event

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Complete these 4 and a half steps and you could win 2 tickets and a R200 Bar tab. Our winner will be announced on Tuesday 7th of August. Lekkaz!!!

Boom 2018, Carin Dickson and crew’s work

Its taken a week for the dust to settle and to gather myself towards myself to be able to put some words together and share some visual moments. Its been an intense 5 month journey of ups and downs, excitement and disappointment, challenges and achievements. In the end of it all I find myself mostly in an overwhelming state of GRATITUDE.
*Gratitude to all the artists, painters, designers, seamstresses, builders, riggers, management, AV teams, volunteers and friends who gave their energy unconditionally in assisting in creating this epic Dance Temple. *Gratitude to the Boom org for the opportunity to share such a large vision with the world on the biggest dance floor of its kind.
*Gratitude to the musicians and Dj’s who brought the space to life with the music that brings us together. *Gratitude to the dancers and festival goers for the amazing love filled feedback which makes it all worth it in the end.
And closer to my heart ~ forever endless gratitude and love to my incredible team and best friends for their dedication, hard work and support. Kyle Pratt, Vicky McHattie, Rebecca Sarah Davies, Stefan Obybop Hansen, Eliav Vanunu, André Luiz Mesquita Júnior, Martina Flora, Byron Boshoff, Kiara Svenja Watermeyer, Megan Wylie, Annakie Human, Omega Neethling, Nella Mif and my dad Jeremy Dickson
Further more forever love and deep gratitude to my creative partner and main collaborator on the project Richard Mckenzie for his vision and intention, incl his whole team who elevated the Temple into another dimension <3 <3 <3 DJ booth/stage design by PlasmaLab. Canopy design & production collaboration between myself, Sagaz Corp & Boom Stitching Lab.

Lost Theory Festival

#Repost @loudiopsab with @get_repost
After hard work, 2900 km driving, accidents on the road, 2.5 days less rigg time, 50 degrees in the sun, and many more obsticals on the way we stil manage to finish the installation in time on Lost Theory festival 2018. This is the Main stage and we are smiling.
2 x 13k lumen Laser projectors
2300 x Digital Rgb Pixel Leds
16 x Dmx Universes
16 x Elation Pixel Drivers
4 x Rigging and configuration days

1 x Samsung Note 4 to capture the videos 🙂 #videomapping #3dvisual #pixelmapping #stagelights #madmapper #panasonic
#samsung @christopher_dowding @losttheoryfestival